Only Location of Its Kind at Disney World to Close Its Doors on Sunday

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An establishment at Disney World is closing its doors forever on Sunday, and it was the only location of its kind anywhere at the Central Florida Disney Resort.

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Disney World’s theme parks feature a variety of dining venues–quick-service and table-service–where guests can stop by and grab a quick bite or take time to sit down and enjoy a meal alone or with family and friends. In fact, there are more than 400 dining venues across The Walt Disney World Resort, meaning that there truly is something for everyone–even the pickiest eater.

But those dining venues aren’t confined to only Disney World’s four theme parks. In fact, guests can find various eateries, including food trucks, quick-service locations, table-service locations, pubs, and other venues at Disney World Resort hotels and at the Disney Springs shopping, dining, and entertainment district.

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Some of those venues have been at Disney World for decades, while others are brand-new. But in recent years, guests have had to endure the closures of several of the restaurants located at the Central Florida Disney resort for various reasons.

Now, another venue has announced its closure, and it’s happening nearly immediately.

Big River Grille, the only brewpub at the Walt Disney World Resort, is closing its doors forever at the end of business on Sunday, January 21.

big river grille boardwalk

Credit: Big River Grille

Located along Disney’s Boardwalk, Big River Grille first opened to guests in 1996, and for decades, the venue has invited guests to “enjoy handcrafted drafts and mouth-watering fare at the only working brewpub at Walt Disney World Resort.”

Guests were welcome to “take a seat in the indoor dining area or relax on the waterfront outdoor patio as you enjoy sumptuous twists on American pub grub classics, like barbecued ribs served with white cheddar mashed potatoes. The children’s menu features kid-friendly fare like hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, pasta and grilled cheese. Pair your meal with one of the award-winning, handcrafted beers brewed on the premises.”

big river grille

Credit: Disney

The establishment boasted a vast selection of alcoholic beverages, including wines, margaritas, and specialty cocktails, and also featured a kid-friendly menu with choices like hamburgers, hot dogs, and grilled cheese.

Big River Grille will serve guests through Sunday, January 21, and close its doors forever that evening. It has been a guest-favorite spot on Disney’s Boardwalk for years, and Disney has reportedly confirmed that beginning on Monday, January 22, food trucks will arrive near the venue’s location to ensure guests have multiple options when it comes to deciding on lunch and dinner at the Boardwalk.

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  1. Can people stop saying “handcrafted” when it comes to food and Beverage lol.

  2. This is very sad despite what others have replied. This was a wonderful place where a family could dine on a budget without a high priced Disney restaurant. Many locals have gone there for years and the truth is they didn’t want to close – I am sure Disney forced them to close. Food trucks – seriously? Coming from New Jersey the Boardwalk is about restaurants and entertainment – first they took away ESPN for what? A bakery? Get real! Who comes to a Disney vacation for a bakery??? People still love their sports – they wouldn’t let Big River compete with ESPN so they were not allowed a satellite to stream games but could only do games on local TV. Disney has forgotten about the “people” – it is very sad to say but as a previous employee of Disney and a long time DVC member and annual passholder – when will Disney stop taking the simple things away and allow us to enjoy what little they have left us! Disney should be ashamed.

    • I totally agree with Ms Fiandra. It is a shame; Disney has been eyeing that location for a while. Hopefully The employees can find a job elsewhere.

  3. wow. on boardwalk. haven’t been in a year or two but that is the first place we go when we get the opportunity. like previously said by others, disney needs to look at a different x -y bar chart. if i recall my econ 101class there are more people with less money will to spend more money; than more people with lots of money willing to spend just any. it appears, being my opinion and that of others, disney is looking to and hoping that those with the money will jump on board and drop that cash. sad. the magic isn’t very magical anymore 😢

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