Review: Biergarten Restaurant: Epcot

Review: Biergarten Restaurant: Epcot

Oktoberfest is a German celebration famous for its merriment, food, dancing, and of course beer. EPCOT’s Biergarten Restaurant aims to bring an authentic Oktoberfest atmosphere to visitors year-round with its authentic German menu and live entertainment. Despite being a busy week at the parks I was able to make a lunch reservation at Biergarten easily. Lunch is served at the Biergarten from 12:00pm until 3:45pm and is $25.99 per adult, $13.99 for kids. Dinner at Biergarten starts at 4:00 and is $36.99 per adult, $17.99 for kids. Alcoholic beverages and gratuity are not included.

I’m always surprised at how authentic the atmosphere in the Germany Pavillion is and perhaps it’s just me, but I think that people just feel happier when they’re in the Germany pavillion. If you enjoy the atmosphere outside the Biergarten wait until you see the inside! The exterior decor is carried to the interior. Combined with the dimmer lighting Biergarten appears to be a small alpine village caught in perpetual dusk.

When visiting the Biergarten the first thing you notice is what Disney refers to as “communal seating”, a very long picnic table that you share with other diners. There are usually 6 to 8 diners per table. Cross your fingers and hope that you are seated next to people who are similar to you otherwise your meal could be miserable. I was not extremely comfortable with the communal seating and was wishing very hard that we wouldn’t be seated next to obnoxious spring breakers, thankfully we weren’t.

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Seating is staggered so the buffet line doesn’t get too crowded. Trips to the buffet are unlimited so wear loose pants and prepare to be stuffed! The buffet is two-sided but the offerings are the same on each side. Your first stop is for cold salads, Frikadellen (meat patties), a traditional platter of various wursts, rolls and other side dishes. Next you proceed to the warm entree table where you’ll find red sauerkraut, macaroni and cheese and Spaetzle. From this point you proceed to the meat station, which was carved pork on our visit. We were told they normally offer roast chicken but it wasn’t on the menu the day of our visit. The dinner menu includes fish entrees as well as additional German specialities

Biergarten offers a modest beer and wine selection but what it lacks in variety it makes up for in quality. My husband and I ordered Oktoberfest brew which was pulled just slightly chilled to enhance its rich flavor and aroma.

I was pretty sure I didn’t enjoy German food but my mind is now changed. The food was delectable. The roast pork was moist and flavorful and the Spaetzle managed to be creamy and crispy at the same time. My favorite dish was the red cabbage sauerkraut, served warm with the perfect balance of sweet and sour, definitely the highlight of my meal. My husband concentrated on the schnitzel and sausages, each bite producing a new “ahhh” as his taste buds were delighted.

My husband and I were about halfway through our meal when the entertainment started. We were told that the entertainment doesn’t always run on an exact schedule but with rare exception everyone will get to experience it during their meal, and what an experience it was! What started as a few stray omm pahs turned into a lively, funny show. The music was great, the jokes were clean and judging from the folks on the dance floor we weren’t the only ones having a good time. Lunch shows last about 20 minutes, dinner shows a tad longer.

We visited the dessert buffet as the music wound down. I opted for apple strudel, my husband chose Bavarian cheesecake. The desserts were absolutely divine but we weren’t able to finish more than a few spoonfuls before we felt like we needed to be wheeled out of the restaurant. We will definitely be returning to Biergarten although the next time we’ll bring the whole family so we can avoid the entire “communal seating” experience.


Food: The food was as authentic as you can get in Central Florida and there was plenty of it! Even the pickiest of eaters can find something on the buffet to enjoy.

Atmosphere: The pleasant atmosphere is somewhat marred by the communal seating. The restaurant was quieter than I expected until the music started. If you’re looking for a quiet or romantic meal, make reservations elsewhere.

Service: The buffet attendants seemed more interested in talking to each other than to diners and were clustered around the roast pork station, but they were knowledgeable about the items on the line when asked a question.

Tips: If you have children book your reservation at an “off” time for a better chance getting a floor seat so they can see the show without standing. Biergarten does not offer an annual passholder discount but does accept Disney Dining Plans and Tables in Wonderland. Kids under 3 are welcome to eat off a parent’s plate.



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