Barstool Founder Dave Portnoy Pretends to be Disney Cast Member

Dave Portnoy
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That’s definitely not something you see every day!

When wandering around Walt Disney World Resort, it is so fun to watch all of the iconic Disney characters walk around in costume. Character interactions are one of the best parts of visiting Disney Parks, and it is a central part of any Disney vacation. To help preserve the magic, Disney strictly enforces that no adult Guests should be wearing a costume within any Park unless it is at a special Halloween event. This is one of the reasons why fans were shocked to see Barstool founder and internet celebrity Dave Portnoy in a full Disney costume walking around the Parks.

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Falcon

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Barstool Founder Takes Interesting Visit to the Parks

Dave Portnoy is known on the internet as an incredibly wild and hilarious personality. He has garnered a massive fanbase for being the founder of the pop-culture blog Barstool Sports. His company has now become a source of sports content, celebrity gossip, and lots of entertaining podcast channels. Dave himself stars on some podcasts, including the popular celebrity gossip podcast Bff’s.

One of the main things that fans love Dave Portnoy for is his trademark “one bit pizza reviews.” On March 9, the internet celeb headed to Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida to shoot a new Pizza review and film a bunch of content in the Parks. While he was there, he had some extra fun getting into character as a Disney Cast Member.


I think anyone would be nervous to meet Mando and Baby Yoda when you’re dressed like a bad guy

♬ original sound – Dave Portnoy

On Dave Portnoy’s personal TikTok account, @stoolpresidente, he shared a clip from inside the Park where he gives directions to a Guest while in costume. Fans found the clip hilarious, and it now has gone viral with over 133,300 likes. Disney fans sounded off in the comments joking around that Dave Portnoy had accepted a job as a Disney Cast Member. Others were quick to correct his one-finger point, saying “You need to point with two fingers. It’s the Disney way.”


Once I put on my costume, guests started thinking I actually worked for Disney

♬ original sound – Dave Portnoy

This video is hilarious, and fans hope to see more content from Dave Portnoy at Walt Disney World Resort in the future.

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