Terrified Guest Witnesses Attempted Kidnapping at Disney Park

Attempted Kidnapping Disney California Adventure Park
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Disneyland Resort is known as The Happiest Place on Earth, and when you walk through the gates, you can truly feel a sense of magic in the air.

It is truly Walt Disney’s original vision brought to life, and you can see it in every corner of the park. Over the years, Disneyland has expanded to much more than the original park. Guests can also visit Disney California Adventure Park — which opened in 2002 — and the shopping and dining area of Downtown Disney.

Disneyland guest sexual assault

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Even though it seems like nothing bad could happen at a wonderful place like Disneyland, the theme parks are still in the real world. It is important to stay vigilant and always engage in safe behavior while there. Staying vigilant is even more important when you are visiting Disneyland Resort with kids.

Not everyone who visits Disneyland does so with the best intentions. In fact, some of them can have truly nefarious reasons for heading to the Southern California theme park. And one Redditor is claiming they saw one of those people during a recent visit.

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Reddit user Responsible-Map-8991 said that they were walking past the popular attraction Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! when they witnessed a terrifying scene. A young girl was calling for help as she was being led through the park by two women. The young girl said that she did not know who the women were.

Hello everyone,

My family and I watched world of color tonight and as we were leaving we walked past guardians of the galaxy and there was a Latina woman and a white woman walking by with a little girl screaming in what appeared to look like a major meltdown. After getting closer we realized the little girl kept yelling “Help! Please help!” “Call the police” “I don’t know them” and we immediately notified park staff.

One employee stopped them as they kept trying to walk towards the exit and the girl stopped screaming. Seemed very weird and as we were walking back to the Mickey and friends structure we saw two police officers walking quickly towards the park and another employee on his microphone saying “do not let them leave the park.”

Did anyone else see this? Am I overthinking things or was this a kidnapping in progress? Extremely weird but it happened about 9:45 pm to 10:00 pm but I’m still shaken up.

Mission Breakout

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Thankfully, the OP (original poster) acted quickly and notified a Disney cast member about what the girl was saying. The cast member took the issue very seriously and immediately got security and the police involved.

While we do not know what happened in the end, we know that the police did not want the guests to leave the park before they were able to make sure everyone was safe and find out what the true story was.

Sadly, this is not the first time that we have heard about attempted kidnapping at a Disney theme park.

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In July 2023, a petrified cast member called the police, informing them that a man had tried to lure her to his car. The cast member said that the man pulled alongside her and tried to drag her into his car. She screamed and elbowed the man as she tried to get away. The man allegedly said, “It’s okay. Just come to me, princess.” Unfortunately, no one was arrested in that incident.

Then, in September 2023, another Reddit user claimed that they saw two grown men chase a woman in Disneyland and yank a stroller out of her hands. The woman had reportedly bumped into them as she was walking down the sidewalk. The men were standing under an awning on the sidewalk, as they attempted to avoid the rain.

They did not like that the other woman bumped into them, so they chased her down and attempted to take her child from her.

Man arrested Disneyland hit and run

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If you ever see something at the parks that does not sit right with you, especially if it involves a child, do not hesitate to reach out to the nearest cast member or Disney security officer. It is better to be safe than sorry. And you could end up saving someone’s life.

Have you ever seen a dangerous situation unfold at a Disney park? Let us know what happened in the comments!

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