As Summer Heats Up, Guests Think Disney Is Cutting Back On Air Conditioning

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It is no secret that summers in Florida are extremely hot and extremely humid. While most people would not want to spend a ton of time outdoors in that kind of weather, it is peak season at the Walt Disney World Resort, so the crowds are massive. Guests visiting Disney World will spend a lot of time outside, walking around and waiting in line. During that time, it is extremely important to keep yourself hydrated and find ways to keep cool, including using fans and utilizing Disney’s air conditioning.

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While many people expect to walk into a Disney World dining or retail location and feel the immediate relief of air conditioning, some are claiming that Disney is cutting back on its AC and leaving Guests sweating even more instead of cooling down. The issue was addressed by Twitter user Chris White (@ChriswhitePE), who said:

Is it just me or is Disney cutting costs by operating buildings at higher temperatures? Most buildings are noticeably warmer than previous visits.

Other Guests were quick to comment on his tweet with their own experiences, like Carly Johnson (@C_john1023), who said she had noticed that when she was sweating while eating inside the Mexico pavilion at EPCOT.

Def notice a huge difference. We’ve been going to Disney with annual passes for over 20 years. The rides are super hot and the restaurants aren’t any better. We were there 5 wks ago and paid over $200 to eat at La Hacienda in Epcot with sweat rolling down our backs.

Amy (@amyj230) agreed with Chris and said that she noticed the same thing on her last trip to Disney.

Just got back and said the same thing… Spaceship Earth was warm. Always looked forward to getting inside to cool off…

While some agreed with Chris, others, like Christina (@Christina711) pointed out that we are in the hottest time of the year, so air conditioners in the Disney Parks and Disney Springs have to work a lot harder to cook things down than they do in the winter.

It’s also much hotter right now in Florida this time of year than usual. All of our ACs are struggling to keep up!

Tam (@tamkat07) was worried that, that if the air conditioning is being cut, a lot of Guests are going to get sick from the heat.

They are going to have a lot of sick people. We had indoor experiences booked to cool down but it was too hot in there to cool down. We are thinking about canceling our last now. We left early the other day we didn’t bother with food there. So many people looked miserable.

If you are traveling to Walt Disney World — or even Disneyland, which also gets extremely hot — there are several things you can do to keep yourself safe. Number one, drink PLENTY of water. That will help keep your body hydrated and help it regulate the heat. You can also invest in a small portable fan (there are tons available on Amazon). That will at least give you some sort of breeze. Cooling towels are another great option. It is also important to take breaks in the shade as needed. If you are staying on property, taking a break in your hotel room or Resort swimming pool can really hit the spot.

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