What Is Happening to Ariel On Her Undersea Adventure?

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One of the most popular Disney movies of all time is The Little Mermaid — a story that tells the tale of a mermaid named Ariel and her desire to become a part of the human world and marry Prince Eric. The movie was released in 1989 and became an instant classic, with Ariel becoming one of Disney’s most well-known princesses. The princess is so popular that she can frequently be found at Disney Parks as a character, and there are even several rides and experiences that tell her story.

Credit: Disney

One of the attractions featuring Ariel and her friends is at Disney California Adventure Park at Disneyland Resort and is called The Little Mermaid – Ariel’s Undersea Adventure. This fun ride takes Guests all the way from Ariel dreaming of becoming human to her deal with the sea witch Ursula and ending with Ariel getting her happily-ever-after.

Credit: Disney

Disney is known for its incredible animatronics that truly bring the characters to life — their looks and movements are typically flawless and seamless. However, a Disney Dining reporter was recently visiting the theme park and noticed that Ariel looked a little worse for the wear. In fact, it appeared that Ariel may have started melting.

Take a look at the video below.

If you look closely, Ariel’s hand and wrist look like they sat out in the sun and began to melt. If you also look at Ariel’s lip, there is some sagging there as well. The ride was closed for over a year, along with the rest of the Park due to the pandemic, so it’s possible that something happened with the air conditioning units, or this is simply what happens to the animatronics as they age.

The Little Mermaid

Credit: Disneyland

Here is more information on Ariel’s Undersea Adventure from the Disneyland Resort website:

Step into your waiting clam-mobile and float away into magical moments and unforgettable music from The Little Mermaid.

Wave hello to all the stars from the film—but beware of wicked witch Ursula—a towering tentacled figure 12 feet wide!

An Attraction Swimming with Music and Fun

Sail past Ariel’s gadget-filled grotto. Watch Sebastian the crab conduct a hot crustacean band. Sneak past a sinister eel-infested lair. Sing along to classics made famous in the movie, like “Part of Your World,” “Under the Sea,” “Poor Unfortunate Souls” and “Kiss the Girl.”

It’s a musical shell-abration for all ages!

The Little Mermaid

Credit: Disney

Ariel is certainly not supposed to look like she currently does, so it may be time for the attraction to receive a slight refurbishment. The exterior of the building was recently painted, but it looks like the ride itself is also in need of a facelift.

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