Should You Look Out for a Swarm of Hornets While Visiting This Disney Park?

hollywood studios entrance
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One Guest reportedly saw a swarm of hornets while trying to get a drink at Hollywood Studios. Yes, we know it sounds crazy, and no, we’re not playing a trick on you, dear reader!

Disney's Hollywood Studios

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Walt Disney World Resort is undoubtedly and unequivocally the Most Magical Place on Earth, and the company has spent decades learning how to perfect the immersion of the magic. However, it takes very little to disturb the facade of the magic.

For this reason, whether visiting Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, or EPCOT, Walt Disney World leaves no stone unturned to ensure Guests have the best experience possible.

Disney's Hollywood Studios Toy Story Land

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Every Cast Member and performer is trained on what to say (and, more importantly, what not to say) to keep the experience magical and immersive. Each themed land, from Pandora: The World of Avatar to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge to Toy Story Land, has been carefully curated, with performance and immersion at the top of the list of priorities.

That being said, although the Walt Disney Company truly does everything in its power to create and maintain the Most Magical Place on Earth, sometimes there are outside forces that simply cannot be controlled, such as the weather…or, in other cases, a swarm of bees.

What’s the deal with the bees at Joffreys?? from WaltDisneyWorld

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While visiting a Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company stand outside Toy Story Land, one Guest was shocked to see a swarm of bees hanging around the little shop. They quickly asked the Walt Disney World Subreddit for their thoughts and advice, and many replied that it was normal for bees to hang around an outdoor area full of sweet and sugary liquids.

Other fans even stated that they’d seen groups of bees buzzing around other Joffrey’s locations in Walt Disney World. But one fan, in particular, responded with some concerning news: “Generally those are hornets not bees.

The original poster replied, saying, “Yeah after a Google search of hornets I would say that’s what I saw.”

Luxo Ball

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Unfortunately, we have no way to confirm whether it was actually a swarm of bees or hornets inside the Disney Park.

So, to give a general heads-up to anyone visiting Walt Disney World soon: be wary of any swarms of buzzing insects, stay calm if you see them, and don’t try to swat at them!

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