After Three Years, This Disney Park Has Finally Brought Back a Pre-Pandemic Practice

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For once, the entire planet experienced something universal when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. All around the world, COVID-19 changed the way we operate forever, and it was no different for the Walt Disney Company.

Even the Walt Disney Company, one of the biggest entertainment superpowers in the entire world, was knocked off its axis by the pandemic.

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Around the world, each Disney Park closed indefinitely, leaving the world to wonder when it would return. Since then, some Disney Parks have had some hiccups regarding COVID. Some have even shut down again, but at this article’s publication, each Disney Park, from Walt Disney World to Shanghai Disneyland, is open to Guests.

For the most part, no Disney Park has truly, fully returned to pre-pandemic operations. But one Disney Resort has made a significant step in the right direction.

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For the first time since before the pandemic, Tokyo Disney Resort is allowing Guests to buy two-day tickets.

However, this change isn’t permanent. Tokyo Disneyland allows Guests to purchase two-day tickets from July 21 through August 28. During this time, Guests can buy a “2-Day Summer Passport.”

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Credit: Disney

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This means Guests can visit Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea two days in a row, similar to Walt Disney World’s multi-day ticket options.

These two-day ticket options will be available for purchase beginning May 29 through August 27 unless they sell out before then.

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For more information regarding this limited-time offer, be sure to check out the official Tokyo Disneyland website.

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