A Disney Princess Is MISSING From a Parade!

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What is going on?

One of the best parts of visiting Disney Parks is getting to see all of your favorite Disney characters in real life. At Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort, one of the best ways to see a lot of characters is by attending a Disney Parade. 

The Magic Happens parade at Disneyland Park is an enchanting experience that really brings the magic of Disney to life. This parade, which was been around since February 2020, is one of the best ways for Guests to see their favorite characters in person.

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Parade Gone Wrong!

The Magic Happens parade is truly a celebration of all things Disney. It showcases the beloved Disney characters, stunning floats, and mesmerizing performances, all set to an unforgettable musical score. The parade invites Guests to witness the power of magic as it happens right before their eyes.

As the parade makes its way down the iconic Main Street U.S.A, Guests are transported to a world where dreams come true. The floats feature characters and scenes from classic Disney films, as well as newer favorites from Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar Animation. From Peter Pan and Tinker Bell to characters from Frozen and Moana, the Magic Happens parade showcases the wide range of Disney stories that have captured the hearts of fans for generations.

Magic Happens Parade

Credit: Disney

Where Is She?

Guests attending a performance of the Magic Happens parade were shocked when one of the Parades Princesses was not there! Moana, the incredible Disney Princess from the island of Motunui, was not on her float. One Guest captured a video of the moment, which really helped emphasize just how strange this moment was in person.

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As of now, no one is quite sure what exactly is the reason for Moana’s departure. This will surely be a day that this fan will not forget!

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