8 Things You’ll Love About The Garden Grill At Walt Disney World

Located at Epcot inside of The Land building, Garden Grill is a must-try eatery for anyone who loves delicious grub and an amazing experience. It’s a restaurant the entire family will love, and one that will likely make it onto your list of Disney World staples. Want to know what’s so great about this Epcot eatery? Here are 8 amazing things we know you’ll love about the place.


1. Incredible Food

As far as taste of food goes, Garden Grill knows its stuff. Whether you choose breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you can rest assured you’re in for a delicious meal you won’t soon forget. During breakfast, count on fresh fruits, salad, warm sticky buns, Mickey waffles, eggs, bacon, and more. Wash all of this down with a glass of juice or mug of coffee and you’ll be ready to start your day. As far as the later meals go, you can count on some sort of beef, poultry, and/or fish along with an amazing salad and incredible rolls. All of this is finished off with a delicious cobbler that truly can’t be beat. Rumor has it that many of the foods served at Garden Grill are actually grown in the greenhouse on the bottom story of The Land building. While we can’t confirm this, it certainly wouldn’t surprise us. The food seems as fresh as it could be.

2. Character Meet-and-Greets

For the young and young at heart, food may not be enough to lure them into Garden Grill. Not to worry though! This awesome eatery has other things going for it as well. Perhaps the most notable benefit of dining at Garden Grill is the fact that it is a character meal. This fact means you can enjoy your tasty food while also meeting some of your favorite characters. Included in the Garden Grill lineup are such beloved classics as Chip, Dale, Pluto, and of course, Farmer Mickey. Be sure to bring a camera!

3. Family-Style Dining

Many character meals throughout Disney World are served buffet-style. Unfortunately, this means a lot of getting up and down and can even mean one member of your party misses out on character interactions. Thankfully, Garden Grill fixes this issue by serving their meals family-style. While this does mean you can’t pick and choose what you’re served, it also means you aren’t up every few minutes getting more food. Instead, you just ask for more of anything you loved, and your server will bring it out for you. We think this is a good tradeoff.

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4. Plenty of Variety

As we mentioned before,the meals at this restaurant are served family style, so you don’t get to pick and choose what comes to the table. That said, the food that comes out automatically does offer a good variety, meaning everyone should be able to find some things they love on the table. Have an allergy or special request? Simply let your server know and they’ll do what they can to help!

5. Rotating Restaurant

One of the other big draws of Garden Grill is the fact that it’s a rotating restaurant. That’s right! The place rotates slowly as you dine. Not only that, but the rotation actually allows you to dine with several very different views along the way. You see, as you rotate, you will be able to look down on scenes from the Living with the Land ride as you go by. Some of the scenes you will be treated to include a desert, a farmhouse, and a rainforest.

6. Fun Place Settings

When you get to your table, be sure to take a look before putting your napkin in your lap. The servers at this restaurant like to add a bit of magic to the table setting by using the dishes to create Mickey heads. See if you can spot your own personal hidden Mickey before you go moving things around.

7. Great Location

We love the location of Garden Grill. As we mentioned before, it’s located in The Land building in Epcot. This is a super easy-to-access building, and is home to three attractions and one other eatery besides Garden Grill. Obviously, this is super convenient, as it makes hopping on Soarin’ right after your meal a cinch.

8. Fair Pricing

We all know that dining in Disney World is pricy. Still, we think Garden Grill offers relatively fair pricing. In fact, when all things are considered, we might even say it’s a good value. After all, where else can you dine on delicious food with Disney characters in a rotating room?

Are you heading to Disney World soon? If so, we highly recommend giving Garden Grill a try. While breakfast is our favorite at this particular restaurant, lunch and dinner are also delectable, so take your pick!

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