8 Things You’ll Love About Rainforest CafĂ© At Walt Disney World

Rainforest Cafe is the go-to spot for a meal when you’re feeling like a walk on the wild side!  The restaurant recreates the look, feel and sounds of a jungle, complete with moving animals.  And you have two locations to choose from in Walt Disney World: there’s one at the entrance to Animal Kingdom, and one in Disney Springs.


8. Jungle Scenery

Rainforest Cafe is wonderfully themed.  You will feel like you are dining in the jungle, with dense (artificial) foliage and animals surrounding you.  Tables and chairs are appropriately rustic, brightly-colored, and fun – and the rainforest theme extends into the restrooms and waiting area.  There are different dining areas or rooms, and each tends to feature different animals, so it’s definitely worth a stroll around the restaurant while you’re waiting for your food – who knows what you’ll discover (tip: the cascading waterfall makes a great photo opp!)?

7. Animal Antics

The animatronic animals are the main attraction at Rainforest Cafe.  They’re big, they’re loud, and they’re everywhere!  There are life-size elephants trumpeting, and monkeys swinging through the jungle trees.  You’ll spot gorillas, bats, a huge tree-dwelling snake, a Nile crocodile – and if you look carefully, you may even find a butterfly flapping its wings!  If you’re an animal fan, this is the place to be – you won’t find a more immersive dining opportunity on property!

6. Aquariums

If animatronic animals aren’t your thing, there are plenty of living creatures you can watch while you eat, and even before you’re seated.  There are massive aquariums throughout Rainforest Cafe, and they’re full of colorful coral and an impressive variety of fish from around the world.  It’s a stunning backdrop for a unique meal, and fans of underwater life will be mesmerized for hours!

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5. Breakfast

The Rainforest Cafe in Disney Springs isn’t open for breakfast, but you can begin your day at Animal Kingdom with some jungle eats at that Rainforest Cafe location.  You’ll be able to choose from all the expected breakfast contenders (French toast, eggs, waffles) and some more interesting options (breakfast sliders, Mexican-style pizza), plus this is a less expensive option for a sit-down breakfast than the park’s Tusker House.  We can’t think of a better way to start a wild day in Animal Kingdom!

4. Thunderstorm

The most exciting event at Rainforest Cafe happens at regular intervals (approximately every 20 minutes) throughout the day.  The restaurant darkens, signalling the start of a thunderstorm – which you can enjoy from your table!  There are flashes of lightning, and you’ll hear thunder claps, before the (simulated) rainstorm starts.  The animatronic animals get excited during the thunderstorms, making extra noise and movements.  It’s all quite thrilling for most guests, although obviously use discretion for small children who are easily frightened.

3. Dessert Spectacle

Sure, you can conclude your jungle meal with sorbet, a Root Beer float or Tribal Cheesecake – they’re all perfectly delicious options.  But the must-have dessert at the Rainforest Cafe is the Sparkling Volcano: it’s a decadent, towering pile of chocolate cake, covered with ice cream and slathered with chocolate and caramel sauce – with a sparkler in the centre.  Grab a spoon – you’ll want to share this spectacle-of-a-dessert with a few friends!

2. Jungle Shop

Before or after your expedition at Rainforest Cafe, you’ll want to stroll through the attached shop, full of all the rainforest-themed merchandise you could ever dream of.  There’s jungle-themed clothing, rainforest animal plushies, water bottles, candy, books and more.  Prices are reasonable, and no admission to Animal Kingdom is necessary.  You also don’t have to eat in the restaurant to browse in the shop, so feel free to stop on by!

1. Cool Cocktails

Adult explorers will want to check out the whimsically-themed “Magic Mushroom Bar”, where you’ll sit on fun stools made to look like various animals.  The list of alcoholic items offered here is quite extensive!  A few favorites include the “Cheetah Rita”, a margarita with tequila, orange liqueur and lime juice; the “Mongoose Mai Tai”, with coconut rum, dark rum, crème de almond liqueur and citrus juices; and the “Rainbow Colada”, featuring spiced rum, strawberries, bananas, and pina colada.  You can even purchase a souvenir glass so your jungle adventure can continue at home.

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