8 Least Crowded Times to go to Disney World

I go to Disney World quite frequently now that I am a Central Florida resident, about twice a week. I have also been going to Disney World for 35 years, so I have learned a few “insider secrets” along the way when it comes to the best times to visit. Over the last three years or so, I have noticed a major increase in crowds, year round. What were once vacations where I could ride Peter Pan twice in a row without a wait are now a fond memory of the past. But, there are still times that I have gone to the parks and noticed smaller crowds. Can I guarantee you 5 minute waits at all of your favorite rides? Not exactly. Can I guarantee you that you’ll get a walk up table at Le Cellier or Be Our Guest? No, but I can guarantee that the following time periods are usually less packed than the summer or the holiday season.