7 Things Disney Insiders Do At Magic Kingdom In Walt Disney World

Credit: Disney

So many people ask about tips for Magic Kingdom, especially those folks who haven’t been to Walt Disney World in several years. Often, the park tips depend on the time of year when you visit. But here are seven things that insiders know about Magic Kingdom that will make your trip better, no matter when you go!

7. Plan Extra Transport Time

For guests driving their own car to the Magic Kingdom, it’s really important to remember that the parking lot is not directly in front of the park like it is at Epcot and the others. You actually park at Ticket and Transportation Center and from there take either the ferry or the monorail to Magic Kingdom. Always build in extra time when driving to Magic Kingdom, especially when you’re getting there for rope drop, a fastpass, or a dining reservation. You don’t want to miss something because you didn’t plan properly!

6. Arrive before Park Opening

A lot of folks want to sleep in on vacation. That’s fine for them, because it means the park is less crowded for the rest of us in the morning! Early morning is one of the least crowded, and coolest parts of the day (similar to late night in the park). But if you make it to the park before it even opens, you be treated to the welcome show called Let The Magic Begin. This is a must-see on every trip for my family.

5. Take advantage of Mobile Order

Magic Kingdom has super fun Quick Service restaurants! It’s super simple to use Mobile Ordering at numerous Quick Service Restaurants throughout Magic Kingdom. Order and pay for your food from the MyDisneyExperience app and pick up your food when you arrive. It’s awesome! Quick Service locations accepting Mobile Ordering include restaurants such as Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café, Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe, Pinocchio Village Haus, Columbia Harbour House, and Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant.

4. Ride the Train Across the Park

The Walt Disney World Railroad traverses the perimeter of Magic Kingdom. It has stations on Main Street, in Frontierland (above the Splash Mountain queue), and in Fantasyland (past Dumbo). Riding the railroad around the whole park is a nice, relaxing way to see the attractions, while getting off your feet for a little bit (and maybe even get the kids to take a nap!). But have you ever just used the railroad as a way to get across the park? Don’t fight crowds, ride the train instead!

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3. Take a Break

It’s so easy to get caught up in the attractions, the shows, the parades, and the food of Magic Kingdom. We’re all guilty of it. Remember to take a break from all the excitement. It will rest your feet and lift your spirits. You could head back to your hotel for a nap or swim. But you don’t need to go all the way back to your hotel if you don’t want to. Have a long sit down lunch. Get some ice cream mid-afternoon. Take a loop around the resort monorail line. Or head to a nearby resort and relax in a comfy chair.

2. Visit Tom Sawyer’s Island

Tom Sawyer Island if a whole section of the park that many guests never see! Guests need to take a log raft across Rivers of America to get there, so lots of people don’t think it’s worth the “hassle.” This not-so-hidden-gem has so much to explore: Harper’s Mill, Injun Joe’s Cave, and Fort Langhorn. This is a great place to let the kiddos run around and play. I like to take a picnic lunch here, there are tables on a covered patio. You get a weird satisfaction in seeing the crowds across the river, without actually being in the crowds!

1. Shop After Hours

We all love to shop. Whether it’s a new shirt, a special souvenir, or holiday gifts, there is something for everyone at Magic Kingdom. But don’t spend valuable time during the day on shopping. You should be seeing shows, or experiencing attractions during regular park hours. The shops on Main Street will stay open for an hour after the park officially closes. This is your shopping time. While everyone else piles out of the park and waits in a never-ending queue for buses, monorails and ferries, you’ll be shopping. At first, the stores will be insanely busy. Just be patient. The stores will empty out and you’ll be able to shop in peace, and then leave the park with little wait!

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Robin’s Disney journey began with Beauty and the Beast bedsheets, a Jasmine dress up set, and a purring Nala plush. As a child in the 1990s, the renaissance and classic animations alike captivated her imagination. In 2008, Robin visited Walt Disney World for the first time, and the obsession really took hold. Since then, Robin has enjoyed visiting the Happiest Place on Earth many more times. She lives in the Chicago suburbs where she is wrapping up a Masters in writing. When not at Disney World, Robin enjoys researching fairytales, eating ice cream, Netflix binging, reading and, of course, planning the next Walt Disney World vacation!