7 Points Most People Don’t Know About Quick Service Dining At Walt Disney World

Credit: Disney Dining

A large part of your Walt Disney World vacation is eating all of the yummy food while you are at the parks. Some of the best memories you may have of your vacation will be enjoying your favorite meal. While Table Service restaurants are a great way to make memories, you and your family can do the same thing with a quick service meal. We also have to be honest with ourselves, time is not always our friend while we are on vacation at Walt Disney World. What if I told you that you can still enjoy a great meal, make plenty of memories, and quickly get back to the park to hop on your favorite ride or see your favorite show? Let’s get to some tips to help you maximize your Quick Service Meal’s on your next vacation!

7. Free Refills

It is important to stay hydrated while you are at Walt Disney World. Many guests don’t always want water but don’t want to break the bank on drinks. Disney Insiders will tell you to find the quick service restaurants with free refills. Many of these will be in resorts but you can find them in parks if you look really hard. Hydrate yourself and take one for the road.

6. Most are totally shareable

Portions can be huge at some places in Walt Disney World. It is very easy to turn a meal into a meal for two. If you are traveling with children and want to save a quick buck, this one is for you! In most cases you can get one adult meal for less than you can two kids’ meals. A great example is Cosmic Rays Starlight Café in The Magic Kingdom. You can get a half chicken, two sides, and bread. Make sure you ask for an extra plate and this is an easy meal to share.

5. A Table Service Restaurant that converts to Quick Service Restaurant?

Have you really wanted to try Be Our Guest at Magic Kingdom but just can’t seem to fit it in the budget? Maybe you have the budget but can’t get a dinner reservation. This is your opportunity! While Be Our Guest is a FANTASTIC option for dinner, you can enjoy the great atmosphere at breakfast or lunch as a quick service. While you still need reservations, they can be much easier to obtain for breakfast or lunch. This will give you a wonderful opportunity to check out the castle and all of the intricate details of every room.

4. Allergy Friendly Options

With the abundance of food allergies that individuals have to work around, this one can really make your vacation. If you have a food allergy, simply let a cast member know. Even Quick Service restaurants have Chef’s that can customize a meal for you. Sometimes the options you have will not be on the menu at all. Some options are rice pasta, non-dairy ice cream, or gluten free pizza crust. All you have to do is ask and the Chef’s will try their best to make your meal magical.

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3. Some offer adult beverages

While you are at the most magical place on Earth, you may get the urge for an alcoholic beverage. You can partake in an adult beverage at many Quick Service locations. While you will not find as many in Magic Kingdom, you can definitely find them in Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and of course Epcot. While walking through Animal Kingdom you will be able to spot kiosks with ice cold beer. I would even say you would be hard pressed to find a restaurant in the World Showcase at Epcot that doesn’t serve alcohol. I am not encouraging you to “Drink around the World”, but when in Rome…

2. Mobile Ordering is Key!

No table service reservations? Don’t feel like waiting in the long quick service lines? It’s super simple to use Mobile Ordering at numerous quick service restaurants throughout Disney World property. Order and pay for your food from the My Disney Experience app and pick up your food when you arrive. Quick Service locations accepting Mobile Ordering are located throughout Disney World property from the parks to Disney Springs.

1. It’s not all Burgers and Fries

There is so much to choose from! Once could spend an entire week at Walt Disney World, only eat quick service and never have a burger and fries. Don’t get me wrong, I believe anyone can enjoy a great burger and Disney has some of the best. With that said, if it is variety you are looking for you can find that as well! Check out Columbia Harbor House for great seafood at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. While you are visiting Animal Kingdom try Flame Tree Barbecue or Satu’li Canteen. Check out Woody’s Lunch Box or Ronto Roasters at Hollywood Studios. At Epcot, Sunshine Seasons has a variety of menu options that will leave you wanting more. These are just a sample of the different options you have when searching for your favorite Quick Service Meal.

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