50th anniversary celebration desserts going for $600 each at Disney World? Are they serious?

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Prices for lots of things have increased at the Most Magical Place on Earth. You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who visits Disney World with any regularity who would tell you that a visit to the parks is a cheap thrill, a value-based experience, or the best bang for your buck.

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In recent months, we’ve seen a total revamp of the Disney World Annual Passholder program, complete with an entire price overhaul as well. The IncrediPass, which is comparable to the Platinum or Platinum Plus Pass from the old program, has increased in price by about $180, and when you consider that the new pass offers fewer perks, you’re actually paying even more for the new pass than you would have in the previous program.

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In recent years, we’ve seen the one-day park ticket price soar, especially during well-attended seasons of the year. Looking to buy a one-day ticket to Magic Kingdom during the Christmas/New Year holidays? Subject to availability, you’ll pay as much as $159. It’s safe to say that most everything at Disney World that has changed in price has seen an increase and not just a nominal one.

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But perhaps the most phenomenal price increase we’ve seen yet is one that was shared online by other Disney fans who became aware of it when they were searching the My Disney Experience app. Now don’t get us wrong–we love the beautiful edible offerings from the 50th Anniversary Celebration Foodie Guide, but as beautiful as they are, none of these offerings is worth $600.

50th Anniversary Vintage Minnie’s Brown Betty Profiterole, Spam-Cheddar Biscuits, and 50th Celebration Cupcakes

But according to this screenshot from the My Disney Experience app, Disney World is so excited about its 50th anniversary celebration, that it’s charging $599.00 for its 50th Celebration Cupcake and for the Chocolate Dome dessert at Captain Cook’s inside Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.

Credit: My Disney Experience/Disney

In between the two offerings, however, is the Aloha Cupcake, which is only $5.99, meaning that more than likely, a typo is the culprit when it comes to the 100-fold inflated price of the two desserts. Whew! We’re glad to know it was just a typo. But the fact that we weren’t sure at first and that we wouldn’t have been 100% surprised to see a $600 cupcake on a Disney World menu somewhere says something, does it not?

After all, last summer, we saw a Mickey ears ear hat at the parks for $600.

Pricey pair of ears: $600 Mickey Mouse designer ear hat arrives at Disney parks

Credit: ClickOrlando

And then there were those $600 Minnie ears by Heidi Klum too!

Heidi Klum Designer ears/Credit: Disney

We’re just sayin’.

What’s the most expensive food item you’ve ever purchased at Disney World? Was it worth it to you?


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