5 Disney Springs Secrets at Walt Disney World

Credit: Disney Dining

Downtown Disney has become Disney Springs, and the shopping, dining, and entertainment district is better than ever! There is more to see and do than in the past, it is a great place to spend a day off from the parks or an evening when you have a few extra hours. Here are five secrets that will help you to enjoy Disney Springs even more.

5. Parking

Parking has been difficult since the transformation started, but it is getting much easier. When approaching the area keep an eye on the road signs because they will lead you to the best place to park. Garage parking is fantastic, especially during the day since you don’t want to climb back into a hot car. You won’t have to drive around the garage, trying to find a space, because Walt Disney World has made it easy to find one. When you pull into the garage there will be signs that tell you how many open spots are available on each level. After you pick a level, the number of open spots in each row is displayed. From there glance down the rows to the lights above the cars. If you see a green light, the space should be empty. The system is not perfect, but most of the time it works well.

4. Free Entertainment

Disney Springs comes alive in the evenings, and it won’t cost you anything to have a good time. There is plenty of free entertainment, all that you have to do is walk through the district. The kids can enjoy a dance party, you can watch Irish dancing, or you can listen to live music. A Walt Disney World vacation is expensive, so it’s nice to find something to do that won’t cost you anything.

3. Gifts Galore

Disney Springs is a great place to pick up souvenirs for those back home, and a few things for yourself as well. If there was something that you wish you had bought in one of the theme parks, there’s a good chance that you can pick it up at Disney Springs. You can find fine jewelry, buy countless LEGO kits, design your own T-shirt, pick up Christmas items year round, trade pins, and buy the perfect accessory for your Harley. There is even a small store dedicated to those who are left handed. (If you’re a lefty, you understand why this is so important.) The shopping options keep growing, some of the Disney Spring shops are the best kept secrets at Walt Disney World.

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2. Two Places to Save

Here are two Disney Springs secrets in one tip. The first has to do with La Nouba by Cirque du Soleil. The show is popular, but it is also known for being expensive. There’s a way that you might save a few bucks on your ticket. Visit the official Cirque du Soleil website, and sign up for the Cirque Club. You’ll then receive emails about the latest offers and savings, which could help you on your next vacation. The second tip has to do with Characters in Flight…Operated by Aerophile. You will fly 400 feet in the air in a tethered balloon and see ten miles in the distance. The view is breathtaking! If you would like to see that view and not pay full price, check Groupon. You might save over 40% on your flight. Restrictions apply, and Characters in Flight will not operate in bad weather, including high winds.

1. Join Clubs

Another place where you will want to save is on your dining costs. At Disney Springs, you can save if you join a club. If you join the Earl of Sandwich eClub you will receive a coupon for a free brownie near your birthday. The coupon is good for 30 days. You will also receive other offers, which might include discounts or buy one get one free deals. Sign up through the Earl of Sandwich website. Another program you might want to join is Levy Restaurants Loyalty Program. You’ll earn points, which you can later use for food purchases. Both Portobello and Wolfgang Puck’s Grand Cafe participate. You will also receive points for your birthday. You can register online or at either restaurant. Landry’s Select Club is another program that you might want to look into, especially if you like loud restaurants. There is a $25 fee to join, but that amount is added to your account. You’ll then earn points, which you can later use to save money. You will also receive extra points if you dine during your birthday month. At Disney Springs, a Landry’s Select Club card can be used at either T-REX or Rainforest Cafe. You can register at the Landry’s Select Club website.

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