Reasons You Must Visit The Magic Kingdom Confectionery At Walt Disney World

The Magic Kingdom Confectionery on Main Street U.S.A. may be one of the most overlooked places in the park. I know, you probably think I’m crazy. I can almost hear you saying, “It’s smack-dab in front of guests as they enter the park! How can you possibly miss it?”


Have you ever experienced a time when you become so familiar with a place that you fail to notice the little details along the way? You know that moment when you’re driving home from work and–bam!–the sunset hits the trees just right and you think “Wow, that’s beautiful. Why haven’t I seen that before?”

As someone who has had the good fortune to visit the Magic Kingdom many times over the years, it embarasses me to admit on a recent trip I discovered I had fallen into that trap. I’ve always “known” the confectionery was there and have vague memories of dropping by both with my kids when they were younger and even when I was a little girl. Over the years, though, the Magic Kingdom Confectionery fell to the bottom of my “must-see” list, even as its delicious aroma tried to lure me in. I had rides to hit and attractions to see, after all. I mean, it’s just a candy store and bakery, right? Ah, not so fast. Guests can experience so much more in even just a few minutes in the store, including:

A sweet floor show!

The cast members may not dance or sing, but those who work in the Magic Kingdom Confectionery have a kitchen as their stage. Every day, they devote hours to creating all the amazing snacks you’ll find there and guests can get an up-close, behind the scenes look at how it’s done. One day, I watched a group of ladies make Mickey Mouse shaped cereal treats that were literally as big as my husband’s head! It amazed me to realize that everything to make these favorite snacks was done right there in the shop: from melting the marshmallows and mixing in the cereal to preparing and using the rubber molds to transform an ordinary cereal treat into something truly special. The cast members happily answered all of my questions as they worked to keep the confectionery shelves full. The next day, I watched cast members create character candied apples and cotton candy. They hand-dipped, decorated and wrapped the apples; they hand-spun the cotton candy and bagged it for the next lucky kid who craved a little candy to start or end the day at the Magic Kingdom. Both times, I watched in fascination for a good 10-15 minutes and got to talk with a few of the people who create some of the magic in the park.

A step back in time.

The Magic Kingdom Confectionary instantly transforms guests back to a simpler, more beautiful time. Cast members wear turn-of-the-century costumes to reflect the time period. The interior designs (including the walls, stain-glass windows, countertops, floor tiles, etc.) showcase light, but vivid colors to help bring the sunshine indoors. It just looks…happy in there! Disney knows how to create a scene and the theming inside the confectionery only adds to the amazing experience.

A mix of the traditional and the contemporary.

Even though the store looks old-fashioned, many of today’s sweet favorites can be found in the Magic Kingdom Confectionery. Plastic, self-serve containers filled with every color of jelly bean or powdered sugar stand front and center in the store and make it easy for kids of all ages to choose their favorite flavors. In the bakery, new trends such as themed cupcakes, cake and brownie pops line the display cases in all shapes and sizes. Even the old-fashioned caramel apple got a makeover! Guests can find apples shaped like Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck’s pants and more! The holidays bring even more creative fun with jack-o-lanterns, Easter Eggs, Christmas trees and more! Some of the treats can only be found during holiday periods, so grab one while you can!

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A fun souvenir opportunity!

Recently, I started a new vacation tradition. In addition to the t-shirt I usually bring home from Walt Disney World, I make a point to stop by the Magic Kingdom Confectionery to take a taste of the parks with me. Overall, it’s easier on my budget and they pack easy in my suitcases. The only challenge? Making sure I don’t get into them in the airport and make them disappear before I get home! My kids loved it when I brought home some cookies and candy from the Magic Kingdom. They weren’t expecting it, which made it even more special. The shop also offers other unique gifts such as housewares, cups, home decor, kitchen items and more! In other words, it’s not your typical souvenir shop!

The next time you and the family head down to Walt Disney World, make a point to stop in the Magic Kingdom Confectionery for more than just grabbing a quick snack to go.. Take the time to really look around to see the craftsmanship of both the shop and its delicious treats. Talk for a moment to the cast members and you’ll take home some interesting information about what is made at the store and how it’s done. Then, pick your favorite candy, cookie or cupcake and know you’ve experienced special.

About Marie Rossiter

My love for Walt Disney World goes way back--to October 1982 when I was 11 years old and took my first vacation there.. My first visit included a trip to EPCOT within the first few weeks its gates opened. I have been hooked ever since. I am a wife, mother of two girls (a teen and a tween) and a confessed Disney World junkie and tech geek. I am freelance writer who contributes to a variety of Disney sites and other non-WDW publications. I help businesses with social media management, website development and public relations. I have my own site, www.marierossiter.com and you can find me at facebook.com/writermarie and on Twitter at @DisneyWriterMom.  In my spare time, I research all things Walt Disney World,  listen to music, work on my sites and books and love to plan trips to Walt Disney World for myself and my family, friends or anyone that asks! My favorite WDW attraction will always be Horizons.