20 Unique Disney Gifts For Valentine’s Day

Unique Disney Valentine's Day Merchandise
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Looking to add a touch of magic to your Valentine’s Day? Delight the Disney fan in your life with our curated selection of 20 unique Disney gifts that are sure to enchant and captivate.

From timeless classics to contemporary favorites, these handpicked treasures offer a delightful blend of nostalgia and charm. Whether celebrating with a loved one or treating yourself, these enchanting gifts will arrive just in time to make this Valentine’s Day truly unforgettable.

20. Chewbacca “I Chews You” T-Shirt

I Chews You Valentine's T-Shirt

Credit: Amazon / Canva

One of Star Wars most popular characters, Chewbacca, chooses YOU! This sweet “I Chews You” Valentine’s Day t-shirt is currently available on Amazon for $19.54 in a variety of sizes and colors.

19. Hocus Pocus Billy Butcherson Water Bottle

Billy Butcherson Water Bottle

Credit: shopDisney / Canva

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If your loved one is a Disney’s Hocus Pocus¬†fan, don’t miss this deal! Currently discounted from $34.99 to just under $5 on shopDisney, this is a steal. By all means, ”Don’t Lose Your Head,” and keep this Billy Butcherson water bottle close at hand. The good zombie from Hocus Pocus inspires this dramatic stainless steel bottle, from the detailed sculpted topper to the screen art on the bottle itself.

18. Aladdin Genie Lamp Ceramic Teapot

Disney's Aladdin Genie Teapot

Credit: Amazon / Canva

Make a wish! Check out this officially licensed original Disney‚Äôs Magic Genie Lamp Teapot from the blockbuster animated musical fantasy film Aladdin! The polished golden teapot is shaped like Genie’s magical lamp. Sorry, three wishes are not included. This must-have is currently available on Amazon for $39.99.

17. Valentino Plush

Valentino Plush

Credit: Amazon / Canva

What’s Valentine’s Day without a dose of Valentino from Disney’s newest animated film, Wish? This isn’t just any ordinary plush. Valentino walks, talks, and even faints (which one would expect from a goat!). This sweet Valentino plush is available on Amazon for $10.99.

16. Disney Character Feet Cell Phone Stand

Mickey, Daisy, and Donald Cell Phone Stands

Credit: Amazon / Canva

These adorable iPhone stands are desk-compatible with most smartphones and other devices. The designs feature iconic characters to choose from, including Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Daisy Duck. A character decal sticker is included. Depending on the character selected, prices range from $12 to $14 on Amazon.

15. Wearable Tigger Blanket

Tigger Wearable Blanket

Credit: Amazon / Canva

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This cozy, wearable blanket is extra special. Why? Because it features T-I-double-G-ER!! That’s right, Tigger from the beloved Winnie the Pooh franchise. Tigger is ready to wrap you up with a soft, warm texture with one big, comfortable hug. Snag this one before it’s gone on Amazon for $25.99.

14. Disney Kitchen Wooden Spoons

Disney Themed Wooden Spoons

Credit: Amazon / Canva

Check out this collectible five-piece bamboo spoon set, perfect for cooking, baking, or conversational kitchen decor. With a small hole in the handles, they are convenient to hang on the kitchen shelf. Five exquisite kitchen accessories bamboo spoons are ready for turning over ingredients, seasoning sauces, and even picking up silky pasta! Check it out on Amazon where it has recently been listed for $26.99.

13. Will You Be MINE T-Shirt

Will You Be Mine T-Shirt from Finding Nemo

Credit: Amazon / Canva

If you’re a fan of Disney Pixar’s Finding Nemo, you’ll know all about this one! So, this Valentine’s Day, will you be MINE… MINE… MINE! This sweet t-shirt is currently available on Amazon for $19.98 in a variety of sizes and colors.

12. Star Wars Lightsaber Electric Salt and Pepper Mill Grinder

Star wars salt and pepper grinders

Credit: Amazon / Canva

The perfect present for any Star Wars fan! These elegant and sleek Lightsaber grinders are a stylish addition to your kitchen and dinner table. Incredibly easy to use with the touch of a button. Easy to fill and clean, too! Use the force to purchase your on Amazon today for $39.99.

11. The Happiest Game On Earth Card Game

Card Game The Happiest Card Game on Earth

Credit: Amazon / Canva

Important to note! This one is for ADULTS only as the card game has plenty of adult-only sayings and phrases that are not safe for little ears.

This game is known as “A game of terrible questions. A horrible game for terrible people. Perfect for parties, game nights, and many social gatherings.” Similar to the popular game Cards Against Humanity, this card game takes your Disney childhood and makes it uncomfortable fast! See if it’s right for you this Valentine’s celebration by checking out all the details on Amazon ($19.99).

10. Mickey Mouse Ice Molds

Mickey Mouse Ice Mold

Credit: Williams Sonoma / Canva

Disney fans’ hearts will melt as Mickey-shaped ice cubes fill their glasses. Just pour water into the two silicone molds and place them in the freezer to produce a pair of generously sized, slow-melting ice cubes. The molds also work with juice, mint leaves, and berries to add cooling flavor. It is now available on Williams Sonoma for¬† $24.95

9. Redd from Pirates of the Caribbean Ornament

Redd Ornament

Credit: shopDisney / Canva

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“We wants the redhead!” This fully sculpted ornament of Redd, the bold and swashbuckling buccaneer, is certain to be very popular‚Äďand auctioned off at only the highest prices if you ever decide to part with this keepsake treasure inspired by our Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at Disney Parks. Add Redd to your collection for $26.99 on shopDisney.

8. Patch & Rolly Salt & Pepper Shakers

Patch and Rolly Salt and Pepper Shakers

Credit: Amazon / Canva

Look! It’s Patch and Rolly from Disney’s 101 Dalmations animated film! Add a dose of this adorable film to your kitchen or dining room table as a great conversation piece. This salt and pepper shaker set is available on Amazon for $17.98.

7. Mr. and Mrs. Valentine Mouse Gnomes Plush

Mr. and Mrs. Valentine Mouse Gnomes

Credit: Amazon / Canva

You want unique? Well, here it is! These adorable Mr. and Mrs. Valentine Mouse Gnomes Plush create the festive touch for Valentine’s Day. It’s said gnomes bring good luck, happiness, warmth, and a little magic to your home. Sounds like Disney magic to us! Shop for this duo on Amazon ($15.99).

6. Welcome Foolish Mortals Mat

Welcome Foolish Mortal Door Mat

Credit: Amazon / Canva

There may be 999 Happy Haunts… “but there’s always room for one more!” Welcome all foolish mortals to your home on Valentine’s Day with this creepily adorable non-slip mat inspired by the iconic Disney Park attraction, Haunted Mansion. Amazon is selling this Disney fan must-have for $12.99.

5. The Three Caballeros Mug

The Three Caballeros Mug

Credit: shopDisney / Canva

You’ll sing and you’ll samba after a morning sip from this festive mug celebrating Walt Disney’s animated classic The Three Caballeros. Donald Duck, Jos√© Carioca, and Panchito sweep you away for the day on a flying serape of imagination with every cup. It’s like having a small dose of the EPCOT attraction right at home! shopDisney currently has this one on sale for $12.98!

4. Meme The Game – Disney Edition

Meme The Game Disney Edition on Amazon

Credit: Amazon / Canva

Once upon a time, someone paired a classic Disney scene with a smart saying, and a meme was born! Join visuals with sayings to create the funniest memes, as judged by your friends. This Disney version of Meme the Game is more kid-friendly than the original and is perfect for the entire family. Snag Meme The Game – Disney Edition on Amazon for $16.98.

3. I Wine Because I’m Not At Disney

I Wine Because I'm not at Disney Glass

Credit: Amazon / Canva

It’s SO the truth! Amazon sells a perfectly accurate wine glass that holds 15 ounces of your favorite beverage for $14.97. Dishwasher safe, handmade with care, and safe packaging for shipping, this is the ideal gift for yourself or a loved one who may be enjoying a sip of wine while reminiscing about the most magical place on earth.

2. Mickey & Minnie Love You a Waffle Lot T-Shirt

I Love You a Waffle Lot Mickey and Minnie Shirt

Credit: Amazon / Canva

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Everyone LOVES Mickey Waffles! This Amazon exclusive is available for just $19.54! Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse make a cute pair of waffles on this official Disney tee, featuring the adorably sweet but sticky syrup message ‚ÄúI Love You a Waffle Lot.‚ÄĚ Get multiples and match up to coordinate with a loved one for even more magical fun! Check out the variety of sizes and colors.

1. Mickey & Minnie Tikis Mugs

Mickey and Minnie Tiki Mugs

Credit: Hot Topics / Canva

Last but not least, we’re going extra unique this Valentine’s Day! Perfect for the true Disney fans, check out these Geeki Tikis Mickey and Minnie Mugs. Both mugs are available via Hot Topics. The Disney Minnie Mouse Mug is on sale for $20.94, and the Disney Mickey Mouse Mug is available for $34.90. Want to snag the pair before Valentine’s Day? Don’t wait to purchase! Not only do they say a 5-10 day shipping window, but they don’t last long in stock.

Make this Valentine’s Day truly magical with our selection of 20 unique Disney gifts that are certain to captivate and enchant. But don’t wait to order! Double-check delivery details to ensure these gems arrive at your home in time for a magical Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Disney Fans!

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