11 Must Try Foods From Each Pavilion Around Epcot’s World Showcase At Walt Disney World

Have you ever heard someone say, “Let’s eat our way around the World?” It’s kind of Disney jargon. And beautiful jargon it is. In my opinion, Epcot has some of the best food on Disney property. There are so many things to choose from in the 11 countries around the park; it gets a bit overwhelming. So I’ve gone through each pavilion and picked out my top must try food:


1. Tacos de Camerones – Mexico

For Mexico, most people head straight for San Angel Inn Restaurante because it’s so cool that it’s placed in the ride. But those people are missing out. My favorite food in the Mexico pavilion can be found in the other restaurant: La Hacienda de San Angel. Go for the Tacos de Camerones, aka: shrimp tacos. This includes fried shrimp, chipotle-lime aioli, cabbage, lime and salsa verde over flour tortillas. Oh my gosh, the goodness.

2. Traditional Kjøttkake – Norway

In Norway, I would recommend the Traditional Kjøttkake (Norwegian Meatballs). You can find these inside the Akershus Royal Banquet Hall or in the Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe. I’d pick these because of their uniqueness to the country, and they’re really yummy. But also make sure to try some of the pastries at the Kafe, too. Another traditional Norwegian treat is the Lefse or Rice Cream. Both delish and a great snack!

3. Pot Stickers – China

I adore Chinese food, so everything in this pavilion appeals to me. But for a must try, I’d have to choose the Pot Stickers. These are traditionally pan-fried chicken and vegetable dumplings. They come with a soy dipping sauce and are served as appetizers, but I could keep eating them as my meal. For a drink in China, make sure to grab a Peach Oolong Iced Tea from the Lotus Blossom Café!

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4. Apple Strudel – Germany

The obvious choice in Germany would be to go for the Schnitzel or something like that in Biergarten. But I’m voting for the Apple Strudel at Sommerfest, which is the quick serve option in the Germany Pavilion. This strudel is a scrumptious dessert (or snack…) that comes with its own vanilla sauce. If you can pass up the pretzel, go for the strudel.

5. Ravioli Caprese – Italy

To be honest with you, anything you order in the Italy Pavilion is going to be delicious. However, if I had to pick just one, my must try would be the Ravioli Caprese on the dinner menu at Tutto Italia. It’s simple enough, and there are much more intricate dishes on that menu, but sometimes simple is the way to go. That’s the case here. This ravioli is out of this world.

6. Funnel Cake – America

I’m never going to tell you to NOT get a turkey leg, but if you want to switch things up, I’d go for a funnel cake. These pieces of doughy goodness can be found at the cleverly named “Funnel Cake” kiosk as you make your way from the American Pavilion to Japan. You can sugar these up with cookies and cream, or keep it standard with my favorite: powdered sugar and cinnamon.

7. Asakusa – Japan

Once again, you can’t really go wrong with anything in Japan. But my must try would be a surf and turf combo in Teppan Edo. The Asakusa is a steak and shrimp hibachi combination that is to die for. The chef will cook your steak exactly as you like it and throw you a shrimp or two to start. Also a must try is the green tea ice cream for dessert! Certainly unique, incredibly delicious.

8. Rice-Stuffed Grape Leaves – Morocco

Morocco offers you a feast of flavors. My must try dish here are the Rice-Stuffed Grape Leaves at Spice Road Table. This is one of the dishes that they call a Mediterranean Small Plate – basically an appetizer. Inside is a mixture of rice and beef with tomato sauce and spices. But I also really recommend a hummus plate: at any rate, it’s traditional!

9. Boeuf Bourguignon – France

For a main meal, my must try is the Boeuf Bourguignon at Chefs de France. This dish is divine. The beef is braised in Cabernet with baby onions and carrots, served over a bed of linguine. The flavors are so rich and beautiful. For a lighter must try, head on over to Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie in the back of the pavilion for a Pain au Chocolat: a chocolate croissant. Yum.

10. Fish and Chips – United Kingdom

You gotta go for the fish and chips, right? For my entire childhood, every time we entered Epcot, my uncle would make a beeline for the fish and chips. You can get these at the Yorkshire County Fish Shop, which is your first taste of the UK pavilion coming from the International Gateway. You can also get these inside the Rose and Crown!

11. Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup – Canada

My pick for Canada was tough to narrow down because the menu at Le Cellier Steakhouse is unbelievable. But in Canada I’d pick the Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup. This is not your ordinary bisque. This is a hearty appetizer filled with Moosehead beer and Nueske’s applewood-smoked bacon. So good. But you also can’t go wrong with the Porterhouse Steak for Two…

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