Hard To Spot Hidden Mickeys At Walt Disney World

You don’t have to be a Disney fan for very long before you are introduced to the wonderful world of Hidden Mickeys. In fact, it can be addicting as you find yourself letting your eyes freely bounce around looking for the classic Mickey with three proportionate circles or perhaps a profile silhouette. This tradition started during the planning of then EPCOT Center. Because EPCOT Center was planned to be a more adult park, which was to include the sale of alcohol, it was decided that no characters, including Mickey Mouse himself would make an appearance. Imagineers then began to place what we now know as hidden Mickeys throughout the park. Even though times have changed, Hidden Mickeys are a staple. Below is a list of hard to spot hidden Mickeys At Walt Disney World.

8. Power Pole Mickey

Our list begins with a not-so-hidden Mickey. This giant Mickey Mouse power pole is an icon. In fact, coming from Tampa, my children always know it’s time to get excited as we are close to Walt Disney World when they see the Mickey Pole. So why does it make this list? The Power Pole Mickey is located on the southwest corner of World Drive and Interstate 4 at exit 62 near Celebration. While this is the exit my family gets off at, guests traveling from Orlando or to and from the airport, including those taking the Magical Express, will never see this Mickey.

7. The Seas with Nemo and Friends Mickey

Toward the end of your journey to find Nemo, your clam mobile will glide past the expansive fish tanks filled with both real fish as well as projected animated fish. While you might spot fish, dolphins and even sharks, look at the bottom of the tanks and you just might find one or more hidden Mickeys formed out of rocks! Be on the lookout for this underwater Mickey!

6. Former Speedway Mickey

This hidden Mickey has truly been hidden to most guests as it cannot be seen inside one of the parks or resorts. This classic Mickey is formed by three man made ponds that were once inside the walls of the Walt Disney World Resort Speedway. Now that the Speedway is no longer there and the parking expansion complete, this puts guests at an advantage not previously held to get a peek at this water Mickey!

5. Jungle Cruise Plane Crash Mickey

Who doesn’t love the World Famous Jungle Cruise? As your boat captain turns to the right to avoid missing the waterfall, you’ll find the back half of an airplane sitting on the banks. As you float by, sit up a little higher look just above the rocks and you’ll find three circles on the side of the plane forming a perfect hidden Mickey. Because of its’ location, children will have a hard time spotting this one as you might need to struggle to sit up high enough to see even as an adult.

4. Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin Mickey

Our number five spot is dedicated to one of the smallest hidden Mickeys. There are actually two very small hidden Mickeys to be found, but we are only going to focus on one. As you enter the first interactive room, rotate your vehicle to the right to turn around almost completely. Find two medium sized five pointed glowing stars, then look down in-between them. You’ll find the classic Mickey head in green with blue ears! This Mickey is hard to find, not only because of it’s size, but because you, or the person you are with will want to stay focused on shooting targets and doing both is not easy!

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3. Living With The Land Greenhouse Mickey

They say the most difficult things to see are the things hidden in plain sight. While the classic Living with the Land boat ride is littered with hidden mickeys, pay special attention to the change in the cabbage plant color inside the greenhouses. While floating by on your gondola, you might notice the outer perimeter has green cabbage plants while portions of the inside are deeper in color. Take a closer look and you’ll see it’s by no accident! There are lots of Hidden Mickey’s in Living With The Land in fact. Let us know which ones to look out for.

2. Giant Hollywood Studios Mickey

The next time you find yourself standing in the animation courtyard at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you will also be standing right in the center of a giant hidden Mickey that most people do not know exists! Imagineers brilliantly integrated an enormous hidden Mickey into the design of the park. While standing in the animation courtyard, turn your back to the Chinese Movie Theater. As you look to your right, Echo Lake forms Mickeys right ear, some cleverly placed paint on top of the building where Disney Junior is hosted forms the left ear. Look down in front of you. Notice the change in the color of the ground? Those are Mickey’s eyes! Some might even say that the recreation of Grauman’s Chinese Theater is his mouth. Throughout the years, however, the landscape of Hollywood Studios has changed and the once well-pronounced hidden Mickey is slowly turning into former remnants. It may not even be visible anymore.

1. Mickey’s Forest

Our number one hard to spot hidden Mickey takes us outside the gates and over to nearby Clermont. In 1992, about 200 Disney Cast Members planted 60,000 pine tree seedlings over 50 acres of land to form the largest hidden Mickey in existence! The land was previously a productive citrus grove until hard freezes killed off the crops in the 1980s. Today, the pine trees are fully mature and can sometimes be seen while departing Orlando International Airport. Experts say your best chance of seeing it from a commercial flight is in the window seat of the far right side of the plane on west bound departures. Today’s technology also invites us to Google Mickey Mouse Forest on the satellite map for an instant view.

Have you spotted all of the hidden Mickeys we have listed? Where is your favorite hidden Mickey located?

About Tim Forgette

I grew up in southeast Michigan. I took my first trip to Walt Disney World in 1986 when I was just three years old. I am blessed to be the husband of 14 years to my beautiful wife, Rachel and father of four precious children, Lily (10), Elijah (8), Grace (6) and Josiah (5). We have always enjoyed doing things as a family which is why, when we moved to Florida, one of the first things we did was buy Disney annual passes. I enjoy everything Florida has to offer, but absolutely love watching my kids light up when it's time to go to Disney! We visit the Disney parks on average about once a week. When not at Disney, I enjoy participating with my church and community, traveling, and spending time with friends and family.