10 Mind Blowing Facts About Epcot’s Spaceship Earth

Like a grand and miraculous spaceship, Spaceship Earth can be found just inside the main entrance of Epcot beckoning guests inside. The attraction brings guests on a journey from the beginning of time to modern day to celebrate the history of communication. Spaceship Earth housed inside a massive geodesic sphere which adds to the futuristic and novel feel of the attraction. Once guests are inside and on board their Time Machines, they can enjoy a narration which provides detail and depth to the many different scenes found along the way. Guests who visit Epcot are sure to absolutely love Spaceship Earth and will be fascinated by the many hidden facts and details found throughout the experience. Here are ten mind blowing facts about Spaceship Earth in Epcot that many guests may not know about.

10. A Lot Of Panels

Part of what makes Spaceship Earth so memorable and unique to guests is its exterior which is covered in thousands of silver futuristic triangles. These triangles seamlessly come together to form a repetitive and aesthetically pleasing pattern and also are the perfect color to be subject to rich lighting designs at night. While it is apparent to many guests that there are plenty of triangles covering the exterior of Spaceship Earth, they may not realize that there are over eleven thousand of them!

9. Two Spheres

The interior of Spaceship Earth is just as unique as its exterior in that the structure features two totally separate spheres. When guests look at the attraction from the exterior, they can check out the outer shell, but the attraction inside is housed inside a second interior shell which contains the ride track and various scenes.

8. Rain Rain, Go Away

The exterior of Spaceship Earth was also designed with weather in mind. Central Florida is no stranger to rainfall which can be quite heavy at times. With heavy rainfall, some guests might think that the precipitation would just roll down the sides of the structure and soak those standing underneath. Imagineers wanted to avoid exactly that situation and installed a drainage system that collects rain in between each of the triangles. The rain water is then piped to the Fountain of Nations fountain which is found in the plaza behind Spaceship Earth.

7. Familiar Faces

Since Spaceship Earth is home to many different scenes that primarily use audio-animatronics, Imagineers waned to be smart and save some time when designing the attraction. Instead of creating brand new audio-animatronic figures for every scene, Imagineers looked to previously created figures from the Hall of Presidents in the Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square. These previously existing figures were them dressed and styled differently for Spaceship Earth, but are still recognizable by those who know to look. Guests who enjoy a ride on Spaceship Earth can spot Teddy Roosevelt as a Roman, James Buchanan as Gutenberg, John Adams as a monk, and William Taft as an Egyptian.

6. Dame Judi Dench

Part of what makes Spaceship Earth such a memorable attraction for guests is its familiar and loveable narrator. As of recent years, Dame Judi Dench narrates the experience and adds in little comments and dialogue which guests love to recite along with her. A particular guest favorite line includes thanking the Phoenicians if you know your ABCs!

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5. Paint Ring Hidden Mickey

Spaceship Earth is home to plenty of Hidden Mickeys for guests to search for along the way. While moving through the Renaissance scene, guests should look for a small table on their left hand side which features various paint supplies. One the table, a classic Hidden Mickey formed by three paint rings can be spotted.

4. Sleeping Monk Hidden Mickey

A second Hidden Mickey can also be found in the Renaissance scene on the left hand side of the attraction vehicles. Guests should at first look for a monk hard at work transcribing books. On the opposite side of his work desk is a second monk who has clearly had enough work for the day and is taking a nap. Guests who look closely at the sleeping monk’s work paper can spot a Hidden Mickey formed by an ink stain.

3. WDI Microphone

In the scene where guests are moving through modern day communications such as the telephone, film, and radio, there is a small reference which pays tribute to the Cast Members who help bring each attraction to life. On the left side of the attraction vehicles is a scene depicting a radio show currently being broadcast. The microphone that the voice talent is using features the letters WDI which references Walt Disney Imagineering.

2. Different Endings

Guests love returning to Spaceship Earth again and again as they are presented the opportunity to create their very own future each time. After the finale of the narration by Dame Judi Dench, guests’ screens come to life and they are able to answer a series of questions concerning what is most important to them about their future. After answering the questions, a vignette is created where guests can watch themselves enjoying the ease and technology of their futures.

1. Send A Postcard

After disembarking Spaceship Earth, guests can enter into Project Tomorrow where they can learn more about the exciting technologies that the future holds. They can also check out massive overhead screens that feature a snapshot from their futuristic vignette. Guests who wait to use one of the kiosks found in the center of Project Tomorrow can send that futuristic snapshot as a free souvenir to themselves, friends, and family via email.

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