10 Disney Fans’ Greatest Moments at Walt Disney World

In our opinion, every single moment spent at Disney World is magical. That said, there are certainly some moments that are even more magical than others. If you know to watch for them, you’re sure to understand exactly what we mean. Therefore, we’ve created this list of our 10 favorite moments at Walt Disney World and what makes them so amazing. Watch for these moments during your next visit and see if you can feel the magic we feel during each one.


1. Seeing the Castle for the First Time

Whether you choose to ride the ferry boat over or hop on the monorail, that first glimpse of the castle always puts butterflies in one’s stomach and has people reaching for their cameras. Of course, approaching that castle while walking down Main Street, U.S.A. is pretty great as well.

2. Finding the Perfect Souvenir

Something that many people don’t think about until they arrive in Disney World is all the amazing Disney merchandise the place offers. Walking through shop after shop looking at all of these super cool trinkets and then finding the perfect souvenir is a hugely exciting experience, and definitely a wonderful Disney moment.

3. Hugging Mickey

Meeting Mickey is a must-do while in Disney World. In fact, some people even choose to meet him in every park! Hugging this marvelous Mouse is simply magical, and a moment worth recording and remembering. Of course, the same could be said of any character you consider a favorite.

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4. The Drop on Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain is the ultimate Disney ride. Catchy tunes, cute cartoon characters, a dark ride, and a bit of a thrill at the end all come together to create that wonderful nostalgic feel Disney fans adore. The best part of this ride? The drop, of course! This small moment in time is one you’ll likely remember for years to come, especially if you happen to get a ride photo.

5. That First Bite of Dole Whip

Every true Disney fan knows that Dole Whip is the number one snack in Disney World. This delicious, creamy, pineapple soft-serve treat is perfect for cooling off on a hot Florida day. In fact, because it’s so perfect, many people consider a person’s first ever bite of Dole Whip to be a great Disney moment. We’d even go so far as to say that the first bite during any given trip is pretty special.

6. Tinker Bell’s Flight

Disney World and fireworks go hand in hand. Nobody puts on a fireworks show quite like Disney, and the best and most magical of these is the show in Magic Kingdom. Not only is the music nostalgic and wonderful, and not only are the fireworks themselves incredible, but this show also features a small, sparkling Tinkerbell flying across the sky. The moment you see this beloved pixie soaring through the air, you know know what true magic feels like.

7. Becoming a Jedi

All Star Wars fans have daydreamed about becoming a Jedi at one time or another, and in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, kids can do just that. Whether you’re the kid wearing Jedi attire while swinging a lightsaber and defeating the Dark Side, or you’re the parent watching with pride as your kid learns to save the world, the Jedi Training Academy brings families some seriously amazing memories. In fact, for some kids, the moment they officially become a Jedi is the best one of their entire Disney trip.

8. Taking Off on the Back of a Banshee

By far the most incredible of all the rides in Disney World, Avatar Flight of Passage in Animal Kingdom brings visitors an insanely mind-blowing moment. You see, this ride allows guests to hop on the back of a banshee and fly through Pandora. The moment of takeoff is beyond spectacular and stands out as one of the greatest ride moments there is.

9. Talking to Crush

One of the things people love about Disney World is the ability to hang out with their favorite characters. That said, nobody expects to be able to talk to animals. Nevertheless, this is exactly what “Turtle Talk with Crush” allows you to do. If you or your child gets chosen to speak with Crush, you’ll understand why this awesome moment made it onto our list.

10. Collapsing into a Resort Bed

Last but not least, we must include the wonderful, relaxing feeling you get the moment you collapse into your resort bed. In this moment you are joyfully remembering the events of the day while looking forward to the adventures of the next, and nothing can match the level of calm happiness that fills your soul.

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