You Can Own a Piece of Disney History: Here’s How

Heritage Auctions

Heads up Disney collectors! Now is your chance to score some absolutely amazing one of a kind finds that will make you tue envy of all of your Disney friends (and leave your non-Disney friends scratching g their heads). In what is being called “the happiest auction on Earth,” Heritage Auctions in Beverly Hills California will soon auction off more than 850 pieces of Disneyland artifacts!

Credit: Heritage Auctions

The auction house has procured and will soon offer up vintage tickets, posters and old-school park maps. That’s not even the best part: rarer pieces like signs from Disney parks, statues from Disney stores, and décor from Disney hotels will also be up for grabs (to the highest bidder that is). If that wasn’t enough to get you excited, how about ride vehicles like a SkyWay bucket or one from Snow White’s Scary Adventures ride? That’s right! You can own your very own ride vehicle directly from Disneyland! Pinch me (and someone give me a loan)!

Credit: Heritage Auctions

“When I walked in the door, I couldn’t help it, I just started smiling, seeing all this amazing paraphernalia and all these great things. I just want to see them all,” said self-proclaimed Disney fan Chris Provost.

Credit: Heritage Auctions

You’ll want to hurry though if you envision any of these iconic pieces finding g a place in your home” bidding online has already begun and they are priced to move! Jim Lentz, Heritage Auctions’ vice president of animation art says, “There’s something for everybody and every single thing starts at $1 with no reserve, so there’s a good chance you’ll get something in this auction.”

Why now? The auction house says it is holding this bidding war to honor The Walt Disney Company’s 100th anniversary and Disney World’s 50th anniversary. What better way for a Disney fan to celebrate the company’s rich history than to own their very own piece of it right? If you want to submit a bid, you can do so here. If you don’t get anything this time, never fear, Heritage Auctions holds Disney focused auctions periodically so keep checking  back.


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