Woman Arrested at Animal Kingdom Lodge After Biting Fellow Guest

Woman arrested for biting sister Animal Kingdom Lodge
Credit: Disney

For millions of families, a trip to Walt Disney World is something that is planned months or years in advance. It is something that they look forward to — plan where they are going to eat, where they are going to stay, and what rides and attractions they have to go on. Many do not think that their magical vacation will end with someone being taken away in handcuffs.

Unfortunately, for one family, that is exactly what happened.

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Credit: Disney

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According to recently released court records, officers from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office were called to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge on November 5, 2023. They were responding to a call of an altercation that broke out at the Deluxe Resort just after 1 a.m.

The police report states that one of the responding officers spoke to Patricia Casey and Anne Warren. Ms. Warren informed officers that she and her family were visiting the Resort to celebrate their father’s 96th birthday.


Credit: Disney

Ms. Warren said that, just after midnight, she returned to her resort hotel room, where she began to argue with her sister, Ms. Casey. Ms. Casey told police that Ms. Warren became aggressive and bit her on the arm. Yes, her sister bit her on the arm.

Mr. Warren denied biting her sister on the arm, saying that she only threw a suitcase. However, the officer did note that Ms. Casey did indeed have a red mark on her arm. A third sister was in the room, but said that she did not see the bite happen. The third sister said that she only saw the two women arguing.

Animal Kingdom Lodge Fight Police Report

Credit: Orange County Sheriff’s Office

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Police stated that Ms. Casey “refused to prosecute, testify in court, or write a statement,” but she did sign a victim confidentiality statement. Ms. Warren, however, did provide police with a sworn verbal statement, as did the third sister.

Police deemed Anne Warren the “primary aggressor” and arrested her on charges of battery (domestic violence). She was put in a police car and booked into the local jail.

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We do not know if Ms. Warren, or any members of her family, were issued a trespass notice. Disney takes acts of violence very seriously and will not hesitate to ban a guest if they behave in a dangerous or violent manner.

Have you ever seen someone arrested at Disney? What happened? Let us know in the comments!

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