Winter Storm to Close Walt Disney World Theme Park This Weekend

Blizzard Beach Closed
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Winter is here, and with that, the Disney theme parks are preparing for a seasonal chill this December weekend. While weather closures are not a common occurrence at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, this year’s chilly temps have resulted in a few days of closures at one Disney theme park location.

Now, a new weather forecast has once again caused a closure for this theme park.

Santa Claus Blizzard Beach

Credit: Disney

Bringing the Blizzard to This Theme Park

The forecast for this December weekend is anything but merry. Reports are projection 2-3 inches of rain accompanied by wild gusting at up to 35 mph. While this weather might be bearable at many of the resort’s theme parks, one of their water parks, Blizzard Beach, will not be withstanding this forecast.

Blizzard Beach, the renowned water park nestled within the Walt Disney World Resort, has recently faced an unexpected turn of events. As a forecasted winter storm approaches, preparations are underway to temporarily close the park this Saturday.

The closure due to the winter storm may cause disappointment, but it also brings an opportunity to reflect on the allure and magic of Blizzard Beach. Nestled amidst the enchanting setting of the Walt Disney World Resort, this water park has captivated the hearts of countless guests over the years. Its unique blend of thrills, entertainment, and relaxation makes it a cherished destination for families and friends looking to create lasting memories.

Blizzard Beach

Credit: Disney Parks

While It May Be Called ‘Blizzard Beach,’ It’s Not Meant for Cold Temperatures Like This

As you explore Blizzard Beach, you’ll stumble upon attractions that cater to every thrill-seeker. From the exciting downhill races of the Downhill Double Dipper to the mind-boggling twists and turns of the Slush Gusher, there is no shortage of heart-pounding adventures. The park’s Ski Patrol Training Camp, with its obstacle courses and water-based challenges, invites guests to test their skills and embrace their inner adventurers.

In addition to its thrilling attractions, Blizzard Beach also offers a multitude of amenities that ensure guest comfort throughout their visit. The Cross Country Creek, a relaxing lazy river that winds its way around the park, provides a scenic and leisurely mode of transportation. Guests can effortlessly drift along the gentle current, enjoying the picturesque surroundings as they pass by.

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blizzard beach santa clause olaf christmas disney world

Credit: Disney/ Canva

While the temporary closure of Blizzard Beach due to the winter storm may disappoint some, it is crucial to remember the cherished memories and experiences that await when the park reopens. So, as rain pelts the park and this winter storm passes, rest assured that Blizzard Beach will soon return to its full glory, ready to welcome guests with open arms and provide an unforgettable water park experience only Disney can deliver.

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