Will the ‘Harry Potter’ Reboot Vanish In Plain Sight Like Its ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Predecessor?

The Harry Potter franchise has been somewhat of an anomaly lately.

Despite the widespread controversy regarding J. K. Rowling’s transphobic political views, the Fantastic Beasts series’ involvement with Johnny Depp, the subsequent replacement of Johnny Depp, and the problematic storyline behind the recently released video game Hogwarts Legacy, Harry Potter is still widely successful. In fact, a reboot of Harry Potter in the form of a TV series is underway, proving that the franchise is still going on strong…or is it?

Harry Potter

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The latest installments in the Harry Potter universe, the Fantastic Beasts series, was off to a great start at first.

Audiences were interested in learning more about the Wizarding World, especially in America, for a fresh start. The Fantastic Beasts series starred Eddie Redmayne, who quickly captured audiences’ interest as the eccentric ‘magizoologist’ Newt Scamander.

harry potter, fantastic beasts and where to find them

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At the time, five movies were promised, each taking place in a different major city around the world. Each installment was to include new magical creatures that had never been seen in the original Harry Potter series. But those five movies would never come to fruition.

Instead, audiences were given only three movies. With the final two installments being totally canceled, the story was left open-ended with no actual resolution for the main story nor the character arcs. This is primarily due to a combination of the massive controversy J. K. Rowling had amassed by doubling down on her transphobic views and the audiences’ waning interest in the Fantastic Beasts series due to poor writing choices.

Harry Potter

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This brings us to where we are now that a Harry Potter TV show has been confirmed, with each season covering a book. As far as we know, the new series hasn’t even begun casting yet, and audiences are already in opposition to the Harry Potter remake for many reasons.

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So, it leads us to ask: how long will this project last? Fantastic Beasts was abandoned halfway through the series, and that was only after three films. A television series would consist of countless episodes, spanned across at least seven seasons. This would require a massive amount of time, money, and energy, and audience reception is already poor before its even begun.

In short, this doesn’t bode well for the Boy Who Lived.

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