Will French’s New Mustard Skittles Make Their Way To Casey’s Corner? We Hope So.

Could French's New Mustard Skittles Make Their Way To Casey's Corner?
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Prepare your taste buds for an unparalleled culinary adventure with the imminent arrival of French’s new mustard Skittles candy. We are thrilled to announce that we have secured the ideal location for them at Walt Disney World. We can’t wait to share this delicious innovation with you!

What’s More American Than Mustard, Hotdogs, Baseball, and Disney World?

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Casey’s Corner at Walt Disney World is a destination that every American baseball lover and Disney enthusiast must experience. Situated at the end of Main Street USA in Magic Kingdom, this vibrant eatery offers a wide range of delectable hotdogs that are guaranteed to delight visitors. From classic to unconventional, Casey’s Corner is renowned for its exceptional renditions of this beloved American dish. Their inventive hotdogs are often inspired by baseball parks across the country and are certain to tantalize your taste buds. To take your hotdog experience to the next level, we highly recommend trying French’s new Mustard Skittles. We are genuinely excited for you to try out Casey’s Corner and make unforgettable memories with your loved ones. It’ll definitely make for a memorable culinary adventure!

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French’s New Mustard Skittles

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Credit: French’s

French’s, a renowned brand of mustard, has joined forces with Wrigley to create a groundbreaking limited-edition product that may surprise you – Mustard Skittles Candy! McCormick & Company, the proud owner of French’s, has just announced that they will launch a Skittle with a delightful mustard flavor next week, in celebration of National Mustard Day. We were pleasantly surprised to learn about this special occasion, and we can’t wait to get our hands on this unique and delicious treat when it hits stores on August 5. We’re sure that many people are eagerly anticipating this innovative and scrumptious flavor sensation! It may seem unbelievable, but it’s true.

This combination of Skittles’ soft and chewy texture with the tangy taste of mustard may seem like an unusual concept, but it’s also intriguing. French’s is preparing for its big launch by distributing fun-sized bags of mustard Skittles at pop-up events in Washington D.C., Atlanta, and New York City. Those brave enough to try these delectable beauties can visit for a chance to win a pack.

French’s has a history of experimenting with their mustard flavors, including creating unique combinations like mustard ice cream and mustard-flavored doughnuts. Their latest invention, French’s mustard Skittles, has created a lot of buzz and excitement on the internet. Additionally, they are holding an online sweepstakes where participants have a chance to win a fun-size pack of the mustard candies, adding to the hype surrounding the release.

Mustard Skittles, Hotdogs, and Baseball; The American Dream

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Credit: Disney Springs Twitter

As we bask in the glory of the summer season, I can’t help but feel that French and Wrigley missed an incredible opportunity for marketing. The pairing of hotdogs and mustard is a match made in heaven, and what better way to enjoy them than while cheering on your favorite baseball team? There’s something about sinking your teeth into a juicy frank covered with a mouthful of mustard Skittles that just feels oh so right. Baseball and summer are like two peas in a pod – they complement each other perfectly. Mustard and hotdogs are like peas and carrots. It just makes sense.

But why not take things up a notch? Top your hotdog with some mustard Skittles and your favorite condiments for the ultimate seventh-inning stretch feast. With summer being synonymous with America’s favorite pastime and hotdogs, this is Americana at its finest (hello, hotdog eating contest on America’s birthday!). Mustard Skittles would be a natural fit at iconic ballparks like Wrigley Field, Fenway Park, and Yankee Stadium. The possibilities are endless, and I truly believe that a partnership between mustard Skittles and baseball would be a home run!

What Do Mustard Skittles Have to Do With Disney World?

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Credit: Disney

Are you a passionate aficionado of hot dogs and baseball? If so, you absolutely must visit Casey’s Corner at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom! This beloved quick service eatery has been pleasing palates with classic hot dogs, corndog nuggets, and specialty frankfurters since 1995. Named after the legendary baseball poem “Casey at the Bat,” the restaurant is adorned with authentic replicas of baseball memorabilia from bygone eras. To make your dining experience even more delightful, you can even enjoy live ragtime piano music during your meal!

While Casey’s Corner is renowned for its scrumptious hot dogs, they also like to spice things up by offering unique menu items. Some of these items, such as the Pumpkin Spice Hotdog, have garnered a reputation for being a tad eccentric. However, if you’re feeling daring, you might want to take a chance on what will hopefully be their latest creation: French’s mustard Skittles Hotdogs! These intriguing little sweets could very well become the next big sensation at Casey’s Corner! French’s mustard Skittles would be a great addition to the style of hotdogs that Casey’s Corner is famous for. When combined with the baseball theme, this flavor would be a grand slam for hotdog enthusiasts and attract a large number of visitors to Magic Kingdom.

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If you’re planning a visit to Magic Kingdom, be sure to add Casey’s Corner to your list of must-visit restaurants. With mobile ordering at your disposal, you can bypass the lengthy lines and relish your meal with a magnificent view of Main Street USA all to the sound of live enterainment. Who knows, you may even discover your new preferred hot dog topping! Rest assured that we will be on the lookout for the arrival of mustard-flavored Skittles, and once they become available, we will promptly inform you whether they are well-received or not.


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