Why the DOWNFALL of Disney May Be BACKPACKS

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Many Disney fans believe the Parks are on a downward trajectory for various reasons. Some blame it on Disney bloggers, destructive Guest behaviors, or lack of creativity in original theming. This discussion is undoubtedly depressing but more and more, it is coming up in conversation.

One fan has a unique perspective on what they believe is the root cause of Disney Park’s problem: backpacks. While this may seem like a silly idea, their argument may actually be revealing something much deeper about Disney’s problems.

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How Clothing and Accessories Effects Disney’s Atmosphere

When heading into a Park at Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort, most Guests are thinking about how to have the most effective day possible. Disney fans of today are primed to be excellent planners who are well-versed in all of the “hacks” and strategies within the Parks. This means that trips to Disney are fast-paced and meticulously planned for most Guests. To make their lives easier, Guests often bring backpacks into the packs to fit all their necessities in. While this seems harmless to most, one Guest finds a major issue with this practice.

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In a post made to the Walt Disney World Reddit community, this Guest brings up how casually everyone is dressed in Disney nowadays. This Guest believes that the casual dress ruins the experience from an aesthetic standpoint. They say;

“I’ve been looking at old photos and videos of Disneyland/ Walt Disney World and on top of noticing everyone dressed much nicer, no one’s wearing any backpacks or bags. I always notice all the backpacks when I’m at the parks because the bags+outfits of today obviously breaks the immersion of many lands. Obviously people dressing nice doesn’t immerse you in all the lands but I think photos of places like New Orleans Square at Disneyland look so much nicer without people dressed in their t-shirts and shorts and carrying around big backpacks.”

When did everyone start bringing backpacks?
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Should You Stop Bringing Your Backpacks?

This post brings up the thought that Disney is more casual now due to how stressful the parks have become. At one point, Guests visiting the Park expected a calming and leisurely experience, but now it is full of mayhem. Backpacks and casual clothing are a clear indicator of how the public has shifted the way they visit Disney Parks.


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For now, it is doubtful that casual clothing will change inside Disney. It will be interesting to see if this trend ever comes back around back to formal in the future.

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