What To Know About PhotoPass Now That Walt Disney World Has Reopened

Children with Masks on at Disney
Credit: Disney

PhotoPass is a great option for guests visiting the Walt Disney World Resort. It takes away the stress of having to have a camera and your phone battery fully charged just to get pictures. All of your PhotoPass downloads are included with most Annual Passes, although not all Florida Resident passes include them. Annual Pass sales are on hold right now, so if you’d like to have all of your photos you will want to add Memory Maker to your vacation. If you purchase it early you can save! Since the theme parks reopened there have been some changes to the PhotoPass system because of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you haven’t visited Walt Disney World since the reopening back in July here are some updates you’ll need to know about PhotoPass.


1. You Can’t Take Off Your Mask for Photos

Since the theme parks reopened all guests who are two years old and older are required to wear face coverings at all times, except while actively eating or drinking while stationary. This includes while taking photos. If you try to take off your mask for a picture a cast member will politely remind you to put it back on. This is truly for the safety of all guests and cast members. If you really need a mask-less photo, visit a Relaxation Station and take the picture there. Just make sure that you still follow the rules if you do that.

2. Cast Members Can’t Hold Phones For You

In the past the PhotoPass photographers would gladly snap a few pictures for you with your phone after taking a few with their cameras. That has changed for the time being. Cast members are not allowed to take a photo with your phone or camera right now. It is truly to help stop the spread of germs and to keep everyone safe. They’re not being rude or only trying to get you to use PhotoPass. It is for everyone’s safety.

Credit: Disney

3. You Won’t Get Ride Photos if You Take Your Mask Off

Many people love getting their ride photos and doing crazy poses for them. You are required to keep your mask on during all rides, and that includes when the photos are taken. A cast member is reviewing all of the ride photos to make sure that all guests are wearing masks, and if even one person takes off the mask in a photo you will not be sent that photo. Don’t be that person that ruins it for everyone by taking off your mask, the entire party will not get the photo then. If there are strangers in the ride vehicle with you it will cost them their photo as well. Disney is taking this extremely seriously. 

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4. Delayed Photos

Since someone is reviewing all the photos to make sure face coverings are properly worn, it may take a little bit longer to see your photos in your My Disney Experience App. This is especially true of the ride photos. Be patient, if you and everyone in your party are following the rules you should get them in a day or so. If you don’t get them within a reasonable amount of time, contact Disney. Tell them the date, the approximate time, and where the photo was taken, they will do their best to find them.

5. Short Lines

Since capacity is low right now there are very short lines to get photos. Just look for the Disney PhotoPass photographers, they are ready to take some professional shots for you. Have your MagicBand all ready to go and they will scan you in. If there is something specific that you want, don’t be afraid to ask. The PhotoPass photographers want to make your experience magical for you.

6. No Character Photos

There are no photos with characters right now. You will still see plenty of characters in the Caracter Cavalcades, and you might see other characters from a distance in the theme parks. If you want to try to take a quick picture as the characters pass by, go ahead. You’ll have to do it yourself or ask someone in your party, because there are no PhotoPass photographers near the characters at the moment.

7. More MagicShots

Right now there are extra locations where there are PhotoPass photographers. This includes more MagicShots throughout the theme parks. You may feel a little crazy staring at the ground or pointing at nothing, but just wait until the photo comes through on your My Disney Experience App and you’ll see exactly why you posed the way that you did. Disney will take those photos, add a little pixie dust, and give you some shots that will help you remember your Walt Disney World vacation forever. Make sure that you take advantage of the spots so you can have some photos that have your favorite Disney characters added to your pictures. It’s not quite the same as character photos, but it is still a lot of fun.

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