Watch these Cast Members do the ‘Cotton-Eyed Joe’ at the end of their shifts!

A group of exhausted but elated Cast Members was caught on camera as they ended their evening by dancing the “Cotton-Eyed Joe” at a Disney Resort Hotel.

We all know that feeling we have at the end of a long, exhausting day at work, at home with several toddlers, or at school (when we’ve really been applying ourselves). We’re tired, and we just want to go home and lie down and sleep–maybe for a few days!

And then when we go to Disney World to “get away from it all,” we spend a full day at one of the four theme parks, hit up all our favorite rides, eat lunch at dinner at our favorite restaurants, and then after the nighttime spectacular, we are absolutely worn out, and we can’t wait to get back to our Resort Hotel room, shower, and go to bed!

It’s been a long (but exceptionally fun) day!

But what about the thousands of people who work at Walt Disney World? We affectionately call them Cast Members because they’re always “on-stage,” performing for Guests of all ages, giving directions, assisting with lost parents, showing first-timers the nearest restrooms, measuring young children for ride clearance (and getting yelled at when the child is 6 inches too short to ride Expedition Everest).

It must be exhausting for them too!

But if this group of Cast Members at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort was worn out from the day, they sure didn’t show it!

A Disney fan recorded this video and posted it on TikTok. Watch as these Cast members trade exhaustion for enthusiasm inside the resort.


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♬ Cotton Eyed Joe – The Hit Crew

You want to watch it again, don’t you? Go ahead!

Credit: TikTok/@DisneyWorldTom

The video was recorded last week at the end of the day at the All-Star Movies Resort at Walt Disney World. The techno jam playing in the background is called, “Cotton-Eyed Joe,” and it seems like each of these Cast Members knew all the steps!

Credit: TikTok/@DisneyWorldTom

How’s that for an end-of-the-day send-off for Guests–not to mention an energizing pick-me-up for the Cast Members at the finish of the day? Many of these Cast Members would work a few more hours before going home, and we’re sure this group workout gave them all a little “uumph!” to their evening!

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