Upcoming Disney World Attraction Receives Exciting New Update

Monorail at EPCOT
Credit: Disney

In Walt Disney World, the air is always buzzing with the exciting sounds of progress in the air. Over at EPCOT, that progress is especially exciting.

epcot spaceship earth

Credit: Brian McGowan

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It may seem like EPCOT has been under construction for years, and that’s because it totally has. The Disney Park’s historic transformation has been simultaneously delayed and cut short. And yet, the theme park is still under construction.

Currently, the most anticipated attraction set to open soon is Journey of Water – Inspired By Moana.

journey of water inspired by moana te fiti

Credit: Disney

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This unique attraction is going to be a self-guided outdoor tour in which Guests learn all about the never-ending life cycle of water.

The water is said to be interactive and playful, just like in the Moana (2016) film. Not only that, but the attraction will also have fun easter eggs referencing other popular Disney films, such as Finding Nemo (2003).

And Guests aren’t just looking forward to the tropical Moana theme; the educational aspect of the attraction drives home the original, classic themes associated with Disney World’s EPCOT theme park.

And now, we’re even closer to opening than ever!

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In this video, one Guest captures the ambient music of the attraction being played on the speakers, proving how close we are to seeing the Journey of Water, Inspired By Moana.

Journey of Water – Inspired By Moana is scheduled to open “Late 2023” in EPCOT’s World Nature area, according to Walt Disney World’s official website.

Journey of Water Inspired by Moana

Credit: Disney

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Although we don’t have an official opening date just yet, this progress proves we’re super close to experiencing this attraction!

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