Universal Fans Are Excited At the Prospect of a New Park…Frisco’s Residents Are Less Enthused

Universal Parks & Resorts recently made a couple of exciting announcements and fans were thrilled to learn that two new theme parks were in the works. However, the residents of one theme park’s possible home have recently spoken up about their concerns.


Credit: Universal Studios

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One of Universal Parks & Resorts’ new ventures is planned for Las Vegas, and it’s projected to be a year-round horror experience similar to that of Halloween Horror Nights. The other theme park is planned for Frisco, Texas, and it’s projected to be geared toward families with young children.

Although a theme park just for young’uns sounds wholesome and delightful, it would certainly bring new challenges that many Frisco residents did not sign up for.

revenge of the mummy

Revenge of the Mummy (Credit: Universal Studios Orlando)

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We recently reported on the residents of Frisco and their initial responses to the project. But now that the city has held a public hearing to discuss the matter, there’s even more the citizens have to say on the situation.

According to a report by WFAA, residents are unhappy with the idea of a new theme park being installed so close to home.

One resident spoke out, saying:

This project really comes down to whether it is really for our residents or for the outsiders and I just do not see this project benefitting our residents more than it benefits tourists and transient traffic visitors.

I would like to see us go at a much slower pace and give residents time to see the economic impact study, traffic study, crime study to consider and see if we truly have the workforce to support such a large endeavor.

Universal E.T. Adventure Ride

Universal E.T. Adventure (Credit: Universal Orlando)

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Another resident begged officials to see eye-to-eye with the everyday citizens whose lives would be affected by the new park:

With tons of people I get it… but guys, this is our home, this is my neighborhood and if we have 60,000 people coming out of my neighborhood…please understand where we’re coming from. Hear our voices.

While the WFAA report acknowledges that some residents spoke in favor of the idea; namely, a “local business owner” and the manager of an Omni PGA (a resort hotel). Besides these responses, it seems the reaction was mostly negative.

Universal Islands of Adventure

Credit: Universal

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However, it should be noted that a Frisco Universal Studios theme park is not set in stone just yet, as the project still needs to earn approval for the crucial aspects: zoning, planning, City Council, etc. Disney Dining will keep readers updated on the latest news regarding the situation.

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