Two New ‘Princess and the Frog’ Locations to Open at Walt Disney World

Critter co'op
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Right now, both Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort are working extremely hard to prepare their respective incoming Tiana’s Bayou Adventure attractions for the public. In the midst of this massive overhaul, Disney is also working to open up several additional Princess and the Frog-themed shopping locations at each destination’s area. Today, fans got a sneak peek at the two new locations that will grace Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort this summer.

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Disney leaks Tiana's Bayou Adventure opening

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New Shopping Locations to Accompany ‘Tiana’s Bayou Adventure’

When Tiana’s Bayou Adventure opens, guests can look forward to immersing themselves in the vibrant culture of New Orleans and the charming allure of Princess Tiana’s story. This captivating attraction will invite visitors to embark on a journey through the mystical bayou, where they can encounter a variety of critters and experience the magic of the deep south in a whole new light.

As you meander through the attraction’s area, fans will have the chance to explore where these critters call home. From mischievous raccoons to graceful frogs, each critter adds a touch of whimsy and wonder to the experience, making every moment truly unforgettable. Today, Disney specified what shopping locations would be accompanying the area.

Tiana's Bayou Adventure Frontierland Magic Kingdom

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Introducing Critter Co-Op and Tiana’s Bayou General, the two new shopping locations are set to open at the base of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure in Magic Kingdom Park. These two shopping locations are different than the previously announced Ray’s Berets and Louis’ Critter Club, which will arrive at Disneyland Park in Disneyland Resort. As of now, there has been no word about what will happen to the Splash Mountain playground area.

A New Chapter for Magic Kingdom

This change further signifies the transformation of these former Splash Mountain areas into the new Louisiana Bayou that Disney hopes to depict. In the concept art released today, it seems that there are numerous nods to the old Splash Mountain attraction, and the theme of “critters” seems alive and well.

While there has been no announcement of an opening date for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure or these accompanying retail locations, fans can expect that date to come soon. This summer is shaping up to be a very exciting time for this attraction and its fans, and it really does seem like this will mark an exciting new chapter for the Walt Disney Company and the story of The Princess and the Frog. 

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