Top 10 Ways To Feel Like A Kid At Walt Disney World

Too many people think that Walt Disney World is just for families with small children. I disagree. Disney brings out the child in all of us if we let it. There are plenty of places to go and activities to try that were created with adults in mind. Those things are not what this list is about. With a little bit of magic, Walt Disney World can bring the child out of just about anyone. The suggestions listed here will help that to happen. They are all family friendly but can be enjoyed by people who do not have little ones in tow. Allow your inner child to come out while you are at Disney. You won’t regret it.

10. Prepare by Watching the Movies

The first thing that you can do to let your inner child come out and play should be done before you leave home. Spend some time watching a few of the Disney classics. Seeing Enchanted Tales With Belle will be a lot more exciting if you’ve recently seen the movie, as will Be Our Guest Restaurant. Think of how much more you’ll enjoy exploring Toy Story Land if you relived the adventures with Woody and the gang before leaving home. Even Tony’s Town Square Restaurant will be more special if you’ve recently watched Lady and the Tramp. Watching a few classics before you leave home will make you appreciate the theming even more once you arrive in Florida.

9. Stare at Cinderella Castle

There is nothing quite like Cinderella Castle to bring out the child in you. Don’t hurry past it in order to get to a popular ride. Take your time and appreciate the castle’s beauty. Ride the ferry instead of the monorail from the Transportation & Ticket Center. That way you can admire the castle as your transportation gets closer to it. Make sure you watch it for a little while after dark as well. It is simply gorgeous.

8. Ride the Monorail and Skyliner

Take a ride on the monorail or skyliner in the middle of the day when they are not too busy. Some kids love the monorail and skyliner almost as much as the theme park rides, so you should enjoy them as well! For the monorail, plan a day off from the theme parks and see where the monorail goes besides the Magic Kingdom. The loop inside of Epcot is a lot of fun, or you can get off and explore some of the resorts. The skyliner has great views of the Walt Disney World resort from an aerial view. Soar to and from Disney’s Hollywood Studios and EPCOT, along with skyliner resorts. Along the same line of thinking, ride some of the boats that provide transportation on Disney property. You can do this while enjoying an off day without paying extra money, which will keep your adult side in check.

7. Go for a Fun Swim

Many adults have forgotten how to properly enjoy themselves at a pool. If you are staying on Disney property you will have access to something incredible, take advantage of it. Do not spend your time sunbathing or lying on a lounge, get in the water and have fun. If there is a pool slide, go down it! Play a game of Marco Polo, all the kids at the pool will think that it’s funny that the adults are behaving that way. You loved playing in the water when you were little, do it again.

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6. Have a Mickey Bar

Adults often skip the Mickey Bars or the Mickey Ice Cream Sandwiches. So be a kid again and order one! There is something special about ice cream formed like everyone’s favorite mouse, somehow the shape just makes it taste better. Use the heat as an excuse to buy one if you need to. It will, after all, help you to cool off on a hot day. If the adult in you is worried about the calories, one Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar has 330, which is a lot lower than many theme park snacks. Nestle’s Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich is even lower in calories, one has about 280. Unlike a child, take the time to savor your treat. Enjoy every single bite.

5. Watch Muppet*Vision 3D

While at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, pull yourself away from the thrill rides and watch Muppet*Vision 3D. The show runs continuously and lasts for approximately 12 minutes. The bad jokes and sight gags are appropriate for all ages. There’s a good chance that you’ll laugh even harder than the kids around you. Make sure that you pay attention to the preshow. Too many people ignore it, and it’s a big part of the fun. The preshow is held on a “soundstage,” which is filled with fake props and bad visual puns. You know that you’ve loved the Muppets ever since you were a child. Don’t miss a chance to see inside Muppet Labs.

4. Dine at a Whimsical Restaurant

There are plenty of restaurants at Walt Disney World that are sophisticated and elegant. Your inner child would rather eat in a car at a drive-in theater. Plan a meal at a restaurant that has a fun theme, there are plenty to choose from. Eat with the TV on at 50’s Prime Time Cafe (Mom is already there), enjoy the animals and storms at one of the two Rainforest Cafe locations, listen to the sweet sounds of Sonny Eclipse at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe, or explore the palaeontologists’ dorm at Restaurantosaurus. The fun themes of many restaurants may cater to children, but adults love them as well. Go ahead and order dessert, but only if you’ve finished the rest of your meal first.

3. Ride a Family Ride

One thing that is nice about Walt Disney World is that none of the rides are made just for small children. Don’t think that as an adult you need to spend all of your time on the more thrilling rides. Peter Pan’s Flight, for example, allows adults to feel like they are flying. Journey Into the Imagination With Figment is a great way for everyone to explore their senses, and the line is usually manageable. Who doesn’t dream of soaring above the clouds with Dumbo? You don’t need to have a child with you to enjoy a ride that is a “kid’s ride”. All that you need is the child that is already inside of you.

2. Take the Time for Character Greetings

Make sure that you get plenty of pictures with the characters on your Walt Disney World vacation! You will feel like a child again as you hug Winnie the Pooh for the first time. Don’t worry about what other people think, you’ll see plenty of adults in line to meet the characters. After all, you watched Mary Poppins as a child, wouldn’t you like to meet her now that you’re (supposedly) all grown up? Even when the character lines seem long they will usually move quickly. Disney has made great improvements in recent years to make sure that no one has to wait too long to meet a favorite character.

1. Reserve a Character Meal

Speaking of characters, the best way to get some quality time with them is to make a reservation for a character meal. There are many choices available in the theme parks and also in the resort hotels. While there will most likely be a lot of children at your sitting, you don’t have to be a child to enjoy such an occasion. If you would like to dine at one of the more popular character meals such as Cinderella’s Royal Table or Chef Mickey’s, make your reservation as soon as you can. Many of the character meals fill up 180 days in advance, which is when Disney starts taking reservations. Your inner child will come out and play at a character meal. Both of you will have a great time.

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I grew up in Western Massachusetts. When I was nine my family went to Disneyland and I was hooked. I grew up, attended New England College in Henniker, NH and eventually moved to Virginia. I worked as a disc jockey, married and became a full time mom when our daughter was born. Fast forward several years. In 2010 we moved to Central Florida and my Disney obsession grew. I now work as a freelance writer and spend my spare time in the parks. Under the name Paula Brown I penned the novels Dream Wanderers and The Coffee Cruiser. I also am a co-author of Dining at Walt Disney World: The Definitive Guide. I'm obsessed with Star Wars, so this is a good time to live in Central Florida. I've been a vegetarian for well over a decade, a choice that my daughter eventually made as well. While my husband still hasn't joined us fully he has given up most meats except for seafood. I was relieved to find that vegetarian dining is not difficult at Walt Disney World.