Top Ten Ways to Save Your Energy While on a Disney Vacation

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For many people, a Walt Disney World vacation means nonstop fun. Part of that entails getting to a park before it opens and staying until it closes at night. They will then get up the next morning and do it all over again at a different park. A Disney vacation is anything but relaxing, but there are ways to conserve your energy a bit while you are there. Too much caffeine and not enough sleep can make anyone cranky. You and your family want to create memories that will last a lifetime, not spend the entire time getting on each other’s nerves. If you can conserve your energy on your trip, even just a little bit, then you will all have the vacation that you are hoping for.

10) Have a Plan Before You Leave Home

Do not arrive at Walt Disney World without knowing what you want to see and do! Plan which park you want to see which day. Read about the rides and determine which ones are the most important. Make your dining reservations before you leave home. Purchase your tickets before you leave as well. Become as familiar with the parks as you can. That way it will be a little bit less overwhelming when you make it to Florida.

Make a schedule and stick to it while on your vacation. Your schedule does not need to be rigid, but have a good idea of where you want to be and when. Keep in mind the parades and the fireworks, you might not have a second chance to see them so make sure that they’re included if they are important to you.

9) Be Flexible

While having a plan and a schedule are important, make sure that you’re willing to change your plans if need be. If you are traveling with small children remember that they live in the moment, they might not understand why you’re rushing past Donald so that you can get in line for Tower of Terror. Keeping some flexibility in your schedule will help your whole family to have a better time, which means less time arguing. Too many families will fight in the parks, which will zap the fun right out of your vacation. Too much arguing will steal your energy as well. A little bit of flexibility will go a long way to keep everyone happy.

8) Don’t Overdo the Snacks

While at Walt Disney World you’ll have plenty of opportunities to buy snacks. From candy to funnel cakes to delectable baked goods, you might want to try as many as possible! Go ahead and snack, but make sure that you don’t overdo it. Heavy snacks can weigh you down and sap the energy right out of you. Snack in moderation and look for healthier alternatives from time to time. A banana, for example, will give you energy instead of sapping it from you.

7) Drink Plenty of Water

While you are in Florida you will sweat! Even if you are there during the winter and a cold spell has hit, the walking and the sun will take their toll. You will sweat even more on a hot, humid day. Carry a water bottle with you, buy one there, or take advantage of the many drinking fountains. Your body needs water when you sweat, not soda, coffee, or alcohol. Water will refresh you and help you to keep on going.

6) Don’t Try to Do Everything

It is next to impossible to do everything on one Walt Disney World vacation. If you plan to ride every ride and see every show, your energy will be drained. Realize that you can’t do everything and pick the things to see and do that are the most important to you and your family. You’ll all have a better time and you will be less exhausted.


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5) Plan a Midday Break

Each day of your vacation you should take a break in the middle of the day. You could head back to your hotel for a swim, or you might want to stay in the park and catch a show. If you have small children, look for a shaded area and allow them to sleep in the stroller as you sit down for a few minutes. Sometimes doing nothing for a little while is what is needed to later allow you to get more things done.

4) Eat Some Healthy Foods

There are many phenomenal restaurants at Walt Disney World. Make your reservations and try them, but keep in mind what you are eating. If you have fried chicken one night you might want to try grilled fish the next. Ask your server or a cast member about healthier options. Order apple slices instead of fries. Don’t stuff yourself. Skip the appetizer and split a dessert. The meals at the Disney restaurants are filling, if you walk away too stuffed you will just want to head back to the hotel for a nap. Some lighter, healthier options won’t weigh you down as much, so they won’t drain your energy.

3) Dress Comfortably

You’re going to be outside in the hot Florida sun for most of the day. Wear comfortable clothes! Skinny jeans have no place in a Florida theme park. Wear something that you will be comfortable to move around in, not something that looks like it should be on the cover of a fashion magazine. Dressing in clothes that are too hot for the weather is a bad idea. While on the subject of what to wear, don’t forget that Disney is one of the top family destinations in the world. Dress appropriately as well as comfortably.

2) Wear Broken In Walking Shoes

Your feet are going to walk for miles each day that you are in a theme park. It is not the time to show off your new high heels, or even to break in new sneakers. Wear comfortable shoes that are meant for walking and make sure that they are broken in before you leave home. You do not want to discover that your new sneakers rub uncomfortably against your foot on the first day of your vacation. Blisters can make you miserable, and walking can make you tired. The wrong shoes will wear you out! Wearing the right shoes will help to make the walking a bit easier, which will help to conserve your energy.

1) Take an Off Day

The best way to conserve your energy while on a Disney vacation is to take an off day. Sleep in and then have a late breakfast. Enjoy the hotel pool, or explore the resorts during the day. Go shopping in Downtown Disney, or take a boat ride. It doesn’t really matter what you do, as long as you take it easy for the day. An off day will help you to recharge so that you will be able to hit the parks in full force the following day.


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