Top 10 Walt Disney World Souvenirs

It is hard to take a trip to Florida and not end up with some souvenirs. They are everywhere! You will find Disney themed merchandise in the grocery stores, in the gas stations, in shops that are shaped like giants wizards and many other places where you would never expect. Many of the items have a picture of Mickey or a friend and have the word “Florida” printed somewhere on it. While those things will most likely cost a little bit less than you would pay at the parks, there is nothing quite like bringing something home that is an “official” Walt Disney World souvenir. Disney souvenirs may sometimes be expensive, but they are also better quality than some of the items that you might find outside of the parks.

There are countless gift shops on Disney property. There are shops within the lobbies of the hotels. Disney Springs is devoted to helping you to find the perfect souvenir. Many rides exit into a themed store. Shops line the entrances to the parks. Whether you want something that is fairly generic or you’re looking for a one of a kind item, chances are that you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for on Disney property. While a list of souvenirs will never be complete, here are some items that you might want to look for, either for yourself or as the perfect gift.

If you’re not sure where to start looking for that perfect item, you might want to head to World of Disney. Located in Disney Springs, it is one of the largest Disney stores on the planet. There are several rooms worth of souvenirs, you are sure to find something special.

10. Christmas Items

It does not matter what time of year you visit, you can buy Christmas items at Disney. While most shops will have Christmas offerings in November and December, there are also Christmas shops that are open year round. The best known is probably Disney’s Days of Christmas. It’s located in Disney Springs Marketplace section. You can find the perfect ornament for your tree in the middle of July! You can also purchase other decorations and collectable Christmas merchandise. It’s a great shop to visit any time of the year.

9. Kitchen Items

Have you ever wanted to eat off of Disney themed plates while using Mickey silverware? Want to serve your salad in a bowl worthy of Beauty and the Beast or use Ratatouille oven mitts? You can find those things and many more items for your kitchen at Walt Disney World. Kitchen items are available at Disney Springs in several places and in the theme parks as well.

8. Disney Jewelry

There is a lot more to Disney jewelry than just Mickey Mouse watches, although you can find a huge selection of those at Walt Disney World. There are items for the kids and beautiful items for adults as well. If you’re looking for something unique for that special person in your life you will be able to find at. If you’d like to buy something to make your little girl truly feel like a princess there is a huge selection to choose from. You can find earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and even anklets. Jewelry can be character themed, park themed or just plain beautiful. You can find whimsical choices, expensive pieces and everything in between. You can purchase something that has already been made or you can customize your souvenir by adding charms that you pick out. If you do want a watch don’t stop with just Mickey! All of the major characters have watches of their own and there are other selections as well. Disney World jewelry makes a great gift for someone else and it’s also a nice way to treat yourself.

7. Food

While you are on your Disney vacation you will probably see countless children with long tubes filled with flavored, colored sugar. That is just the beginning of what you can purchase for food. There are all kinds of candy items. Some are sold bulk by weight, others are boxed. You can buy rice treats shaped like Mickey, cookies in the shape of a princess and plenty of other sweet things that you know you probably shouldn’t have but you want anyway. The list does not stop there. Try pasta or other meal staples in the shape of a favorite Disney character. Another popular and slightly unexpected item is coffee. You can buy flavored coffee in whole beans or already ground. If you’re not sure which type you want to try buy the variety pack. That way you can start your day off with a little bit of Walt Disney World after you have returned home.

6. Cups and Mugs

Speaking of starting your day off right, your morning coffee will taste a little bit better if you drink it out of a Walt Disney World mug. There are hundreds of styles on Disney property to choose from. You can pick one of a favorite character, one that represents a special ride or something that represents several aspects of your vacation. If a mug is not your style consider a cup instead. You also might find the perfect cup for the little one in your life. There are also travel cups and mugs of all shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for something smaller there are even shot glasses for sale. Cups and mugs are also popular gifts for those back home because they will not take up a lot of room in a suitcase.

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5. Hats

A Walt Disney World hat can be the perfect souvenir. It has two purposes. First of all, it is a great reminder of your vacation. Second, it will keep the sun off of your head while you are in Florida and when you’re back home again. Hats at Disney come in all shapes and sizes. You can find baseball hats, winter hats, hats shaped like characters, birthday hats, safari hats and thousands of others. There are hats for children and hats for adults. Don’t underestimate the Florida sun, you will want to have a hat. Buy it while you are there and it makes the perfect souvenir.

4. Toys

You will find toys in most of the stores at Walt Disney World. Many of them are related to the nearest ride or attraction. Stuffed Disney characters are all over the place. You will have no problem finding the exact toy that you are looking for.

There are two toy stores that deserve a special mention. Both of them are located in Disney Spring’s Marketplace. The first is The LEGO Store. Outside of the store there are great opportunities for pictures, several giant LEGO statues are there. Also outside of the store is a 3,000 foot play area where the kids can create and play. Inside are kits and other LEGO themed merchandise. The other store that needs to be mentioned is Once Upon a Toy. It’s the largest toy store at Walt Disney World. There are play stations where the kids can get creative. There are games and rooms worth of toys. If you saw a toy in a park and later regretted that you didn’t buy it, this is the place to look.

3. Clothing

T-shirts are one of the most important souvenirs on any vacation. On a Walt Disney World vacation they are an essential item to buy. Owning a T-shirt with “Walt Disney World” printed across it is the ultimate way to show off where you went for your trip. The best part is that there are thousands of designs available. You can buy classic character shirts, ride related shirts and even a shirt with a turkey leg on it. The clothing offerings don’t end with T-shirts. You can buy jackets, pants, shorts, bathing suits, sandals and even socks. You are bound to find something that you will be proud to wear.

2. Pins

Pin trading is an extremely popular Disney activity. The idea is simple; you purchase a few pins and a lanyard to wear them on. You can purchase a starter pack if you would like. You can then trade pins with cast members and other guests. While most of the pins are common, some of them are rare. Pins that have to do with a special event usually sell out quickly. There are places in all four theme parks and also at Disney Springs that are dedicated to pin trading. While you can purchase pins outside of the parks, they are usually not well made and won’t be something that is easy to trade. If you want to become a pin trader you will need to purchase authentic Walt Disney World pins.

1. Mickey Ears

Mickey Ears are the ultimate “must have” Walt Disney World souvenir. You will see babies wearing Mickey Ears being pushed by grandparents who are also wearing Mickey Ears. There is no age that is too young or too old, they are the perfect souvenir for everyone. They just say “Disney”. You can purchase a classic pair of Mickey Ears and have your name embroidered on the back. You can buy Minnie’s version, a headband which comes with a bow. You can buy Mickey Ears that look like R2-D2 or a melting ice cream treat. A couple on their honeymoon might want to buy the bride and groom version. Seasonal Mickey Ears, such as a pumpkin at Halloween, are popular. There are countless designs and more are being added all the time. Many people like Mickey Ears so much that they collect a new pair with each visit.

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