Top Ten Stylish Disney Villains

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Top Ten Stylish Disney Villains

Disney villains – they are evil – dastardly – wicked and wretched. But don’t you agree they do it all with style? It is in this spirit that I have been inspired to bring you our picks for the top 10 Stylish Disney Villains. We all know that Joan Rivers and the fashion police are the experts on style. I certainly don’t claim to be anything close. Still I think it’s a fun list and I hope you will write me with your picks as well!

Without further ado, I present to you my analysis of Disney Villain Stylish-ness:

#10 Gaston

With a style all his own – no one wears skinny pants and gaping V-necks like Gaston. He makes the ladies swoon with his choice of clothes that flatter that oh so muscular physique. Burly, and brawny perhaps…but Beast has more hair than Gaston.

#9 Prince John

OK so maybe PJ is a bit more gaudy than actually stylish. And sure, as villains go – he has his shortcomings. He is a coward and a crybaby. His stylish-ness is a bit hindered by his constant thumb-sucking. Still, he had an early appreciation for bling…which ought to count for something, right?

#8 Madame Medusa

Unlike Prince John and his gaudy semi-precious gems, Madame Medusa is able to appreciate the importance of a good diamond.  Any stylish redhead knows that the most flattering color she can wear is green, and of course, Madame is rocking those jade earrings. Although not a good choice for most people – nobody pulls off the blue eye-shadow/red lips combo quite like Madame Medusa. Even though it wasn’t the best fit – her red cocktail dress reminds me a little of Marilyn Monroe’s. What Madame lacked in under-wire – she made up for in the magic of false eyelashes.

#7 The Queen of Hearts

If anyone can wear color blocked gowns with style, it is The Queen of Hearts. She is happy to leave the castle without makeup – as long as she is surrounded with her favorite color, red, in some shape or form. If confidence gives a queen style – she has loads!

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 #6 The Evil Queen

Walt Disney described her as “a mixture of Lady Macbeth and the Big Bad Wolf.” Her beauty is sinister, mature, and she has plenty of curves.  The Evil Queen is a character who, in many ways, embodied the essence of stylish villains. She works so hard at being stylish – it actually makes her into a villain. Her high collar is totally stylish and fabulous too, don’t you think? Although she should know better than to wear a rope as a belt if she really wants to be the fairest in the land.

#5 Lady Tremaine

If nothing else, you have to give Lady Tremaine points for costume changes! She had a few during the film. Most of the looks she had were all-around fabulous. She is an aging-but-fabulous Victorian-era evil stepmother who is  worth her weight in accessories. The jade earrings and brooch are classic, and she even has a ring to match.  Look closely and you’ll notice her nails are painted a lavender hue to compliment the sleeves of her formal ball gown. Her blue-gray poofy hair balances out her pointed chin – and is a look most of us could never pull off. For an established matriarch of an evil family, she has the exact sort of tough-but-regal style one should be going for.

#4 Yzma

Despite being describes as proof that dinosaurs once roamed the earth, Yzma still has her sense of style. Nobody can work hair, lashes, feathers and floor length gowns quite like Yzma.  Sure she’s a big fan of the drop earring, and her choice of headwear is, at every turn, impeccable. However, unlike some other villains, Yzma doesn’t get by on her accessories alone. How does she keep herself so slender at this age? She avoids Kronk’s spinach puffs and anything that is swimming in gravy.  It takes a lot of work, and fingernails that look like pointy red talons to be this fabulous and evil. Pull the lever Kronk.

#3 Ursula

She’s big, bold and beautiful, but they weren’t kidding when they called her …well…a witch. Life’s full of tough choices, isn’t it? That is, except when it comes to choosing Ursula as number 3 on my countdown of top ten stylish Disney villains. Ursula is the epitome of more equals better, even when it comes to legs…or…tentacles.  She’s got the hair, the makeup and the jewelry, and she appreciates the value of a great singing voice, and of course, body language!

#2 Cruella de Vil

To begin, check out her car. This automobile is an accessory statement in and of itself. Cruella’s style is able to go from head to toe to mode of conveyance. Cruella’s two-tone hair is practically iconic, and her crowning glory. If she doesn’t scare you…no evil thing will. Her sense of style is uncanny and it is what makes her evil after all. She lives for fur, she worships fur.  Who murders puppies all in the name of her vanity? Only Cruella de Vill. She’s also the only villain with matching jade earrings, rings, and cigarette holder. She is all about the jade accessories. Go big or go home.

#1 Maleficent

Number one on the list had to be magnificent Maleficent! Her flawless style begins with her deep, sunken eyes, which she expertly highlights with purple eye shadow. Did you know purple eye shadow is the perfect complement to green skin? Well, Maleficent does. Those brows work to make her look evil even when she’s smiling, an obvious must for the “Mistress of All Evil.” How about those horns? Why does she have them? It really doesn’t matter, they look fabulous.

Even her spindly hands are perfect. The real piece that ties her somewhat understated, monochromatic (black) outfit together is that signature ring and red manicure combination that every stylish lady can rock in real life. The pops of hot pink seen inside the sleeves and on either side of her fire shaped gown are just beautiful. These are the the kind of incredible little details that celebrities try to display in red carpet fashion!  She also has one of the best staffs in the world of Disney characters. She did some magical things with that thing, wouldn’t you agree? And, she did it all with style. Maleficent looks effortlessly awesome, and also like she could possibly turn into a dragon and spit fire at your boyfriend while still looking fabulous. No other villain can do that.  History has shown that all great styles come back around, so it’s no surprise Maleficent is making a comeback on May 30th 2014!

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