Top Ten Music Spots in Walt Disney World

Top Ten Music Spots in Walt Disney World

This is my top ten list of my favorite music spots in the parks/around the parks. I realize that there are other amazing music opportunities on Walt Disney Property in the attractions as well as fantastic live music. There are more than can even be listed, but I gave it my best shot.  These are my top ten “happy spots” on property in regards to music. This is a list of the music that gets stuck in my head and simply makes me happy when they do.  Just as a warning, these ten spots are just ambient music. There are plenty of attractions with fantastic music as well, so I had to narrow it down.

10. International Gateway-EPCOT: This loop of music is brilliant. While it isn’t one that you would sit down and listen to for hours, it’s great to hear the soft melodies of the different countries as you enter the park from the back entrance.  Jumping off the boat from the Boardwalk, the music catches up with you and you immediately know it’s going to be a great day at EPCOT.


9. Character Grove-Animal Kingdom: This loop of music is soothing and fun and happy.  It has everyone’s favorite classic Disney songs in beautiful guitar arrangements including “I Just Can’t Wait to be King,” and “I Wanna Be Like You.” These songs also go along with the attractions near the grove. Baloo and King Louie are in the meet and greet area and the Festival of the Lion King is right around the corner. This music is extremely sweet and great background music.


8.  China Garden-EPCOT: The China Pavilion garden in EPCOT is something that not everyone knows about but is a fantastic spot to sit down, relax, drink a peach oolong tea, and listen to really great music. The China Pavilion music is all authentic and exciting. You can get lost while watching the fish in the coy pond and listening to the soothing sounds that reach all around the attraction. The garden has nice benches and a walking path around the pond to take a breather from the normal EPCOT march.  While sipping on your peach oolong, take a moment to appreciate the beauty that completely encompasses the China Pavilion.


7. Main Entrance-EPCOT: This loop of music is incredibly different than the back entrance loop. This set of music takes samples of all of the rides in Futureworld and puts them into one epic entrance mix. Often the music can be overlooked since your other senses are in overdrive, but it’s definitely worth it to take a second while snapping those ten thousand pictures you already have of Spaceship Earth, and listen to the background music.


6. Animation Court-Hollywood Studios: This loop of ambient music is truly beautiful. Like the Character Grove, it is a mix of some of your favorite Disney classics. But these scores are gorgeous instrumental versions. Included are “Part of Your World,” the theme from “A Bug’s Life,” and “Out There,” just to name a few. This section of Hollywood Studios is very fun and unique and the music choice isn’t any different. The music leads you to either the Voyage of the Little Mermaid to hang with Ariel or to the Art of Animation to have a chat with Mushu. There you get to learn about the visual counterparts to this fantastic loop of Disney music.


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5. Flame Tree BBQ-Animal Kingdom: Bet you weren’t expecting this one, were you? Not only does Flame Tree have amazing pulled pork sandwiches, but it also has amazing music. The sound is definitely different and entirely its own. You don’t really hear this music anywhere else on property, which makes it incredibly cool. Along with the killer guitar, the didgeridoo (an Australian wind instrument, don’t worry, I had to look it up, too) is heard throughout the loop. Once you grab your sandwich, head down the path to a pavilion by the water to watch for turtles and Mount Everest and listen to this extremely unique and awesome music.


4. The Fountain Area-EPCOT: This music is magical to me.  I always manage to walk a bit slower through this part of Futureworld. The Fountain right past the EPCOT ball is a great attraction in itself. It sits right in the middle of the pin station, Mousegears, and Innoventions. The Fountain itself goes off about every fifteen minutes, but the music is great nonstop. It’s exciting and somewhat futuristic and magical. I remember this music even from when I was very small and still have memories of my grandmother oo-ing and aw-ing over the dancing water. This music is a beautiful reminder to those times. Next time you’re in Futureworld, take a minute to get lost in this music while enjoying a Mickey bar or picking out an addition to your pin collection.


3. The Oasis-Animal Kingdom: This is some of my favorite music ever. This music has been so engrained in my mind and in my life that my family and I sing it regularly as if it’s a pop tune on the radio.  This music is so peaceful and relaxing and classically Animal Kingdom. You can hear this loop being played as soon as you step off the tram all the way until you can see the Tree of Life. While there’s no good spot to just sit down and enjoy this loop, you can walk around and look at the animals around the gate and get the full music experience. The CD can also be bought in places like the Mercantile so you can enjoy it all the time, like I’m doing now.


2. The Boardwalk: Ah, one of my favorite places on property. Disney’s Boardwalk is timeless and its music truly enhances that. The Boardwalk itself and the music gives the area a 40s atmosphere. The music that is pumped throughout the resort and the actual walk is classic swing music, ready to energize or simply make you smile.  While walking the Boardwalk and checking out all the shops and smelling the deliciousness of Seashore Sweets’ and listening to that beautiful music, you can’t help but have a little spring in your step. Dancing down the Boardwalk is a fantastic way to start or end your day and you might just end up with a kickin’ tune stuck in your head.


1. Main St. USA-Magic Kingdom: Main Street just isn’t the same without the distinct sounds of “clang clang clang” in the background.  Now I understand that this isn’t strictly ambient, but combined with the entrance music, the Main Street soundtrack makes the experience. I adore this music. It immediately makes me happy whenever I walk into the park. With the trolley and their performers, it’s impossible to keep a smile off of your face.  Most people rush through the street to get Fastpasses to Space Mountain or are crowding it with the whole family to get their picture in front of the castle holding Tinkerbell.  But this music is magic and only makes the street more magical.


Disney makes every single aspect of every single moment count with one amazing soundtrack.


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