Top Ten Disney Resolutions

Top Ten Disney Resolutions

The New Year offers a chance for new beginnings. There is always a lot of talk about resolutions at this time of year. We thought that it would be fun to come up with a list of resolutions for your Walt Disney World vacation. These tips and suggestions might help you to have your best vacation ever, no matter what time of year you travel. Happy New Year to you and yours.

10) Buy Souvenirs on the Last Day of Your Trip

Many Disney vacations are filled with impulse buying. You’ll see something and you have to have it. Then, two days later, you’ll see something similar that you like even more, so you end up buying that as well. It could be a hat, a T-shirt, a toy, or a million other things. If you resolve to save the souvenir buying until the last day of your vacation you will keep the impulse buying at a minimum, which will save you money. When you see something that you like, write down what it was and where you saw it. Return the last day of your vacation if it is still that important to you. You’ll feel better about your purchases and you won’t end up with too many extra bags to take home.

9) Be Careful While Driving

Disney makes it easy to not have to drive at all on your vacation. Still, many people will. Even if you know the area well remember that the other drivers don’t. Drive the speed limit, use your turn signals, and give yourself extra time to get where you are going. Don’t ignore the signs at the entrance that read “No Stopping” by pulling over to take pictures with your family. Give the buses plenty of room. Have a designated texter. Don’t get behind the wheel if you’ve been drinking. The Disney magic is not going to protect you if you drive poorly. Accidents do happen on Disney property and they ruin vacations. Be careful and watch out for the other guy. You could unknowingly save a life.

8) Arrive Early

Traveling is exhausting. You might be tempted to sleep in and show up at the parks around noon. You’ll miss out on a lot of good park time if that’s what you decide to do! Instead, arrive early, before the crowds are too large. Take a break in the middle of the day and head back to your hotel for a nap. You’ll still get a couple of extra hours of sleep, but you’ll be able to accomplish so much more throughout the entire day.

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7) Try a Resort Upgrade

There are plenty of reasons to stay on Walt Disney World property. Extra Magic Hours, Disney’s Magical Express, and the Disney Dining Plan are just a few of them. Many families will choose a Value Resort, thinking that it is a great way to save money. There is a reason that the rooms cost less. They are small and they have the least transportation options for getting to the parks. Consider upgrading your room to a Moderate Resort. You and your family will have more room and some of them have more transportation options than just the crowded buses. There are also more dining options, the pools are fancier, and the overall theming is incredible. Depending on the time of year, the rooms cost less than you might think. If you’re really willing to splurge, upgrade to a Deluxe Resort or Villa. You’ll never want to leave.

6) Stress Less to Enjoy More

Walt Disney World is filled with families that are not having a great time. Kids are tired and their parents are upset about the lines. Remember that you are not going to do it all on your vacation. Resolve to not be one of those families that is constantly yelling and fighting. If you miss your FASTPASS+ time because your three-year-old saw Donald and wanted to get a picture, don’t get upset. Instead, think of how special that picture will be in years to come. Don’t worry about what you’re not doing and instead enjoy the moment. If you take some of the pressure off for your vacation your entire family will have a better time.

5) Upgrade the Dining Plan

The Quick-Service Disney Dining Plan is a great way to save money on your meals while at Walt Disney World. You’ll save time as well because you won’t be heading off property, looking for a cheap place to eat. The problem with the Quick-Service Plan is that there are many incredible restaurants that you won’t be able to try. If you upgrade to the Deluxe Disney Dining Plan, a new world of full service restaurants will be available to you. You’ll be able to try places that are fun like Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant, or dine someplace eclectic like Wolfgang Puck Grand Cafe. The Deluxe Plan includes character dining experiences as well. If signature dining is what you want, or you don’t want to use two credits for some restaurants, upgrade to the Premium or the Platinum Plan. You might pay more but you’ll be thrilled with what you get for your money.

4) Take Advantage of Exercise Opportunities

One of the main New Year’s Resolutions is to exercise more. Just because you are on vacation does not mean that you can forget about this one! Fortunately, Disney makes it easy for you to stay in shape. There are several fitness centers located on Walt Disney World property. Swimming is great exercise, so spend some time in the pool. There are miles of walking and fitness trails and you do not need to be staying at a Disney Resort to take advantage of them. You’ll also get your fair share of walking in while at the parks. Bring a pedometer with you. You’ll be surprised by how many miles you cover in a day.

3) Think Outside the Box

Many people think that Walt Disney World is four theme parks, two water parks, and a shopping and dining district. If that is your picture of Walt Disney World you’re missing out on a lot! Think outside of the box on your next vacation. Go para-sailing or book a fireworks cruise. Splurge and have the meal of a lifetime at Victoria & Albert’s. Thinking outside of the box does not have to cost a lot. The Boardwalk Ballyhoo Guided Tour, YeHaa Bob Jackson at River Roost Lounge, and resort hopping can be a lot of fun and don’t cost any extra. Plan something different for at least part of your trip and it will be a vacation that you’ll never forget.

2) Order Healthier Choices

Theme park food does not have to be high in fat and calories. If your resolution is to make smarter food choices you can do just that while you’re at Walt Disney World. There are plenty of entrees that are broiled or baked instead of fried. Apple slices can be ordered as a side instead of french fries. Fresh fruit makes a great snack and you can get free ice water at the counter service restaurants. Even your kids can eat healthier with Mickey Check Meals. If you have any questions about the food choices, ask your server or another cast member at the restaurant of choice. You’ll be surprised by how many tasty, healthier choices are available.

1) Let Your Inner Child Out

Everyone has an inner child, and what better place to let yours out than at Walt Disney World? Move to the beat at a dance party or sing along at the top of your lungs to Mulch, Sweat & Shears as they perform cover songs that you’ve known for years. Eat something fun. Laugh at the bad jokes on the Jungle Cruise. Slide down the slide at the hotel pool. Buy your own set of Mickey ears, they’re not just for the kids. Resolve to see Disney through the eyes of a child. Don’t let your kids have all the fun, because Disney is for the kid in all of us.

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