Top Pros & Cons for Staying at Caribbean Beach Resort at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World pool
Credit: Disney

Considering a stay at Caribbean Beach Resort? Great choice! This Moderate Resort is easily one of our favorites. It offers plenty of amenities at a moderate price point that most families simply cannot resist. Of course, if you’re a planner like me, you’ll want to know everything about the hotel before you book. Luckily for you, we’ve done the research so you don’t have to. Below are the top pros and cons for this particular resort.


Let’s start with the good. Honestly, most of what we have to say is good, so it makes sense to begin there. Here are the top 5 reasons we adore Caribbean Beach Resort.

Pro #1: Recently Renovated & Disney Skyliner

The greatest benefit of this resort right now is the fact that nearly everything in the place was recently renovated and the addition of the Disney Skyliner took place. So, while this is the oldest of the Moderate Resorts, it is also the most fresh and modern of the bunch, and that in and of itself is a great reason to stay here. On top of newly renovated rooms, a fresh lobby area, and some great new dining options, this refresh also includes the Skyliner transportation system. This gondola-style transportation takes guests to and from Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, making transportation a breeze.

Pro #2: Unique Food Options

As mentioned earlier, Caribbean Beach got some awesome new dining locations during its most recent set of renovations. These new eateries offer some truly unique menu items including the Caribbean Taco Trio, a Cuban sandwich, and Jerk Chicken. Every single item is absolutely delicious, and these restaurants are worth more than one visit. Of course, besides amazing service, all of the new eateries also offer the same amazing Disney service you’d expect at any Disney dining location, and the theming is always well done.

Pro #3: Awesome Pools

The main pool at Caribbean beach is honestly one of the best swimming pools on property. This swimming area is pirate-themed—complete with forts and cannons—and kids (as well as kids at heart) go crazy for it. The water slide and water playground don’t hurt matters either. As is the case at any of the Disney Resorts, there is more than one pool to choose from, and the other two pools provide an excellent atmosphere for relaxing.

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Pro #4: Gorgeous Grounds

The Caribbean Beach grounds are absolutely beautiful. Because the resort is now more than 20 years old, the greenery has had plenty of time to mature, giving the whole place a lush and tropical feel. The sandy beaches are perfect for sunbathing, and the well maintained lawns and sidewalks really pull you into the vacation wonderland that this resort is.

Pro #5: Pirate Room Option

Finally, we love that fact that this resort offers pirate-themed rooms. These rooms are perfect for the pirate lover in your family, and kids absolutely love the amazing attention to detail. The carpets look just like wood planking, the refrigerator is set in a barrel, and both beds are shaped like pirate ships. Obviously, these rooms are a dream come true for many young Disney visitors, making them an extra special touch found only at this particular resort.


As you can see above, there are tons of amazing pros to staying at this resort, but there are also some cons. Because we feel you should go into your vacation with a well-rounded idea of what to expect, we will use this section to address those few negatives.

Con #1: Sprawling Grounds

This resort is enormous. While that is a good thing in some ways—i.e. plenty of places to explore—it is also hugely inconvenient, especially if you happen to be in one of the rooms farthest from the action. In fact, the resort is so spread out that it can take a full 15 minutes to walk from your room to the main pool and dining area. All that said, this can be easily remedied by requesting a room closer to the action, and some people may prefer being far from the hustle and bustle, as it does make it easier to relax.

Con #2: Multiple Bus Stops

Because this resort is so huge, it actually has multiple bus stops where the resort-to-park buses pick guests up. If you get on at the first bus stop, this can mean waiting an especially long time to get to the parks—and if you happen to be at the last stop, it might mean the buses are full by the time they get to you. Still, we do feel that multiple bus stops is probably a good idea considering the size of the resort, and as long as you pack your patience, this shouldn’t be a huge deal.

Con #3: Problems with Pirate Rooms

As mentioned earlier, some of the coolest things about this resort are the pirate rooms. The problem? These rooms simply don’t measure up to the standard rooms in other ways. For starters, these rooms are located on the outskirts of the resort, meaning everything is quite a long walk away. On top of that, these rooms only offer full-sized beds while all other rooms in the resort offer queen-sized beds. These things are definitely annoying, especially when you’re paying extra for the pirate room. However, they can be overlooked if you really want the awesome theme these rooms offer.

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