Top Pros & Cons for Staying at Art of Animation Resort at Walt Disney World

Art of Animation is one of the most popular resorts on Disney property. If you ever see pictures or have the pleasure of visiting the hotel yourself, you’ll understand why. The whole place is colorful and full of Disney characters. It’s also one of the newest places to stay, meaning that by staying here you’ll get some of the nicest and newest beds, decor, and more. We highly recommend Art of Animation, especially to those with kids. That said, there are some things you’ll want to know before going in. These cons are likely not game-changers, but being aware of them sure can make planning your trip easier. In order to help you fully understand what you’ll be getting when you book this resort, we have listed the pros and cons of Art of Animation below.


Let’s start with the good. Here are the top five things we love about Art of Animation:

Pro #1: Amazing Theming

The theming here is the heaviest of all the resorts. There are large sculptures of Disney characters and scenes outside of the buildings, and the rooms are incredibly immersive. Special touches—such as a shower that looks like Ariel’s grotto and a map of Radiator Springs on the tabletop—are not lost on Disney fans, and such magical theming can really add to your vacation.

Pro #2: Spacious Suites

The majority of the rooms at Art of Animation are family suites. These sleep up to six guests 3 and over, with room for one toddler or baby. They include a kitchen and plenty of room to spread out, meaning your family will be super comfortable for the entirety of your vacation. Besides being wonderfully spacious, these suites are also awesome in another way. You see, the suites come in three different amazing themes: Lion King, Finding Nemo, and Cars. You get to choose whichever one you prefer, and kids absolutely love this.

Pro #3: Awesome Pools

There are a total of three well-themed pools at this resort. The main pool is the coolest though. This swimming area is Finding Nemo-themed and features a kids splash area. Additionally, the pool in this cool-down spot is the biggest on Disney property, with music and sound effects piped in underwater for little swimmers to enjoy. We adore this pool, and we know you will too, so be sure to bring a swimsuit and goggles.

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Pro #4: Great Food Court

In addition to an amazing pool, this resort also has Landscape of Flavors, the best food court out of all the Value Resorts. This food court is focused on offering healthy options and they do a wonderful job of it, making sure their menu is varied, delicious, and relatively good for you. The grilled fish and jumbo stuffed meatball are both guest favorites, and with sides such as brussel sprouts and green beans, you can continue to eat your veggies even while on vacation.

Pro #5: Disney Skyliner

Art of Animation is one of the resorts with access to the gondola-style transportation system, the Disney Skyliner. We believe that this is a major pro when it comes to staying at Art of Animation. Having Skyliner transportation makes travel to and from Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Epcot even easier than before. Being one of the guests that gets to use this system is a fun and unique experience.


Now for the less-great things about this resort. While the cons are few and far between, we did manage to find some we think you should know about:

Con #1: Pricey for a Value Resort

Technically, Art of Animation is a Value Resort. However, because the majority of the resort is made up of family suites, and because the standard rooms are both limited and in high demand, the prices for this particular Value Resort are pretty high. In fact, some Moderate Resorts are cheaper. Still, Art of Animation is amazing, and well worth paying a premium for if you can swing it.

Con #2: No Discounts

In addition to being pricey, Art of Animation has never yet been included in any of Disney’s discount deals. This is a real bummer for those who like to use the free dining deal or a room rate discount. However, as we mentioned before, we think this particular resort is still worth it, especially if you can visit during slow season when all prices are a bit lower.

Con #3: Longer Walks

Art of Animation is a huge resort, and it’s very spread out. Therefore, it’s possible that you will be placed very far away from things such as the food court and bus stops. This is especially true if you happen to be staying in one of the standard Little Mermaid rooms, which are as far as you can get from such amenities. All that said, compared to the walking you’ll be doing in the parks, the walk from a Little Mermaid room to the food court isn’t so bad. Besides, more walking means you can eat more dessert, right?

Con #4: Lots of Kids

All that bright, colorful Disney theming is super appealing to kids, while the spacious suites are appealing to their parents. For those reasons, you’ll find a lot of kids at this resort. For some this isn’t a con at all, and in our opinion, you should of course expect to see kids at a Disney resort. If this is a con for you, you might be better off looking at one of the Deluxe Resorts where there are fewer kids and a more relaxing atmosphere.

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