Top Five Walt Disney World Experiences for Under $5

A Walt Disney World vacation is filled with many magical experiences for both young and old.  Yes, most of these experiences could be considered quite expensive – getting made into a princess at the Bibbity-Bobbity-Boutique, joining Jack Sparrow’s crew at The Pirates League, character dining, and the countless souvenirs.  While a Disney vacation is sure to have some cost associated with it, here are a few activities that cost less than $5, but are sure to give you priceless memories for years to come.

5. Pressed Pennies

For two quarters and a penny, guests can experience one of the great traditions of Walt Disney World – the pressed penny.   Machines to create pressed pennies are located all throughout Walt Disney World property – in the parks, in the hotels, and even in Downtown Disney.  Many of the machines are now motorized, but for a more traditional experience be sure to seek out a machine that requires you to turn a hand crank to press the penny.  A pressed penny is created when the penny is inserted into the machine and dropped between two rollers.  The motor or your elbow grease then squeezes the penny between these rollers to replace the face of President Lincoln with an image most likely specific to the area in which the machine is located.  One of the best, and cheapest, experiences of Walt Disney World is seeing your penny drop from the machine with its new design!

4. KidCot

Kidcot is one of the best experiences in Walt Disney World and best of all this experience is free!  Kidcot is the opportunity for children to learn a little bit about each country throughout the World Showcase while coloring a souvenir paper puppet of either Perry the Platypus or Duffy.  While parents can learn about the countries by “Drinking around the World,” children can meet with cultural representatives from each country, learn a fun fact about the country, take a minute to decorate a part of their puppet, and learn how to write their name in that country’s language.  This experience is a great souvenir and will provide memories for years to come without spending a dime.

3. Walt Disney World Signature Snacks

For a few dollars you can experience the culinary delights of Walt Disney World.  Most of the signature snacks in any of the locales throughout the parks are less than five dollars.  For less than one Abraham Lincoln, guests can experience a Dole Whip in Adventureland, which is a treat that dates back all the way to the park’s opening.  For the savory treat lovers, a Mickey shaped soft pretzel is less than a five spot.  You could also try one of the many gourmet cupcake options located throughout the property. Also, many of the kiosks and counter service restaurants throughout the World Showcase offers both sweet and savory items to tickle your taste buds, such as the caramel filled chocolate cookie in the Germany pavilion or a piece of baklava in the Morocco pavilion.  Either way, you can’t go wrong spending a few dollars on some of the best food options in all of Walt Disney World.

2. Cane Pole Fishing at Port Orleans Riverside

For a few dollars, guests of Walt Disney World can try their hand at cane pole fishing.  The fishing hole is located at Port Orleans Riverside in a picture perfect setting right out of the story of Huckleberry Finn.  Fishing is a great family activity that is a break from the parks.  Fishing is open from early morning to early afternoon.  The fish bite better in the morning, and since it is catch and release fishing you’ll be able to tell the folks back home about the one that got away!

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1. Wagon Rides at Fort Wilderness Campgrounds and Exploring the Tri-Circle-D Ranch

Many guests are familiar with the large horses that pull the carriages down Main Street U.S.A.  Guests can have an opportunity to meet these horses, along with Cinderella’s ponies, Shetland ponies, and many other breeds of horse during your free tour of the Tri-Circle-D Ranch.  The ranch is located at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort, which is just a short boat ride away from the Magic Kingdom.  For an enhanced experience, children can partake in a horse-drawn wagon ride on a scenic tour through the ranch and the rest of Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground for $5.00 (parents can ride for $8.00).


About Angela Spece

An attorney by trade, Angela has a passion for all things Walt Disney World. She took her first steps into the Magic Kingdom in the fifth grade and has been a lifelong fan of Walt Disney World ever since. While she spends her days writing briefs and memos, in her spare time she enjoys writing about and sharing her Walt Disney World experiences with her family and friends in an effort to help them enjoy their time in Walt Disney World as much as she does. Angela and her husband, Gabe, recently discovered all of the amazing “adult” drinking and eating opportunities that can be found in Walt Disney World, and have made it their own personal goal to visit all of the pubs and lounges on property. When Angela is not daydreaming about or planning her family’s next trip to Walt Disney World, she enjoys snow skiing, spending time with her husband, fixing up their new home, and taking their black lab, Pearl, for a long walk each day!