Top 7 Mickey Shaped Foods

Credit: Disney

There aren’t too many places where eating food shaped like a mouse would sound appealing, but Walt Disney World is the definite exception to the rule. There are several edible options shaped like the head mouse himself (usually in the form of the three circles), and here are my 7 favorites:


7. Mickey Pretzels

This savory snack can be found at several carts through the parks. Served warm and delicious, this tastes like your typical soft pretzel with a salty, crusty outside and a chewy bread center, but it is shaped like our pal Mickey. A little more elaborate than just the three circles, the pretzels have facial features!

6. Cake Pops

Found in an assortment of locations, the Mickey cake pop features the traditional three circle design, but from there the flavors and decorations vary. I love cake pops—I think they are an easy and fairly neat way to eat some dessert while you walk around the parks. Some are covered in chocolate, some are sprinkled with sugar, and they are all delicious!

5. Candy Apples

I love to go into the confectionary shops in the parks and just look at the candy apples. They are almost like art. You will find an assortment of designs on the basic Mickey (and Minnie) theme. “Ears” are attached to the apples, they are dipped in chocolate or caramel and then decorated to look like mouse himself. It is as much fun to watch them make them as it is to eat them. And these apples are large—bring a friend (and ask for a knife) to share the yumminess of this treat.

4. Pumpkins and Cucumbers

What?!?!?! You say? Take a ride through the greenhouse in the Land Pavilion on the Living with the Land and take notice of the plastic Mickey shaped molds that they put over the cucumbers and pumpkins as they grow. They shape those veggies into Mickey heads! I promise—this is the only healthy food on the list!

3. Cupcakes   

See, I told you, no more healthy food. Disney has so many different types and flavors of cupcakes it is sometimes hard to keep up. And not all of them look like Mickey, but at least one does. The Oreo cream cupcake is adorned with two Oreo cookie Mickey ears. Not only is it adorable, it is pretty tasty too! Some of the resort bakeries also carry a Mickey shaped cake that covered in chocolate ganache with a white chocolate face applied. If you know you want one of these for a special celebration you can order one in advance

2. Ice Cream Bars

Nothing says Walt Disney World quite like a Mickey shaped ice cream bar. Although the bar itself (vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate) isn’t all that special—being shaped like Mickey is where all of the magic comes in. I’m pretty sure that just about every family has at least one on vacation, and it ends up in a very cute vacation photo.

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1. Mickey Waffles

This is my absolute #1. It is the food that I must have every trip, and I will go out of my way to make sure I do. They are delicious and the adorable Mickey face smiling back on me just starts my day off right. Light and fluffy with a crispy outside—perfection! I actually prefer the kids’ waffles on the breakfast buffets (though not the healthy buckwheat kind) because they are smaller and have a higher crispy to fluffy ratio. And in case you’re wondering, the proper way to eat a small Mickey waffle is to bite off the ears first.

What are your favorite Mickey shaped foods?

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