Top 6 Gems Most People Don’t Know About The Beach Club

While it is very hard for me to choose my favorite Walt Disney World Resort (I love them all for different reasons), the Beach Club is right up at the top of my list. Here are 6 gems you may not know about the resort:

6. You can hear Epcot

You probably know by now that one of the big perks of staying at the Beach Club is that you can walk to Epcot. I love entering through the International Gateway, for some silly reason it makes me feel like a VIP. But did you know that many of the rooms have an added bonus . . . you can hear Epcot. I love to take my afternoon break and sit on my patio or balcony (request a FULL balcony if you want to do this) and listen to the sounds of the drummers in Japan or the band in the UK. Sometimes you can even hear Morocco and Canada entertainment. You’ll want to request a room that faces Epcot to get this audio reminder of your proximity.

5. The Air Conditioned Entrance

This is another advantage to requesting a room facing Epcot—you are likely to get one of the closest rooms to the “side” sidewalk” leading to the Epcot pathway and you can go right out this door to get there. If you are not in one of these rooms you can still use this door to seek shelter in extreme heat or during a rainstorm, then you can just snake your way through the hallways to your room. So to find this door you will want to look for a little iron gate just after the bridge coming from the International Gateway, it will be on your right. Go through the gate and immediately to your left will be a door to enter the resort at a stairwell—ta-da! You found it!!

4. Time to Play!

Ok, everyone knows the Beach Club has the most amazing pool complex with Stormalong Bay, but you may not know that there are lots of other recreation offerings at the resort. If Stormalong Bay is a bit too crowded, loud or big for you the Beach Club offers two “quiet” pools. One tucked away off the walkway to Epcot in the Beach Club Resort Proper, and one over by the Beach Club Villas. The villas pool also has a hot tub. Another cool feature . . . what beach resort would be complete without a sand volleyball court? Each time we stay at the Beach Club my kids want to factor in at least 1 day or multiple afternoons at the resort so they can take part in all of the pool games and resort activities. We’ve enjoyed volleyball in the pool, making ice cream in Ziploc bags (for a fee), diving for trinkets, being lazy on the lazy river . . . you name it. Even trying to finish a sundae from Beaches & Cream—that’s recreation, right?

3. Cape May Café

While the presence of this restaurant off the lobby of the Beach Club may not be unknown, I’m not sure how many people really appreciate what a gem this restaurant is. In the mornings it hosts one of the best character meals we’ve had. You’ll meet Minnie, Goofy, Donald and Daisy… and the food is very, very good. There is a variety of freshly prepared breakfast choices on the buffet. I like it because it is not as crowded (so shhhhhh, don’t tell anyone) and a little less noisy than some of the other character options, and it is easier to get a last minute reservation too. In the evenings it transforms into a New England Clambake buffet (but not with characters). If you are a seafood lover you will not find a better option as all you care to eat than Cape May. But don’t worry, there are plenty of options if you also have some landlubbers in your dining party—and some yummy stuff for kids too. The menu for dinner can vary by day of the week, so you may want to check the Disney website or others to see if they have up to date menus to plan accordingly (but knowing it could change without notice).

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2. The Lobby

Yes, obviously the Beach Club has a lobby. And no, it is not as spectacular as the Wilderness Lodge or Animal Kingdom Lodge that make you inhale just upon walking in due to the grandeur. But, it will make you inhale. Because it is the most heavenly smelling location on Walt Disney World property (in my opinion). I may or may not walk down to the lobby just to smell it when I am staying there. It is such a clean, fresh scent that many Disney fanatics tried for years to find a way to bottle it and bring it home. Well, luckily for addicts like me there is now a way. Two ways that I recommend actually. The first is Walter & Rosie Candle Company (website by the same name). They sell Disney scented candles & room sprays and the Beach Club fragrance is spot-on. I particularly like the room spray to spritz and uplift my spirits while I’m working—the scent has a lot of staying power while not being overpowering. My newest way to enjoy the Beach Club fragrance is to wear it. That’s right, Blue Fairy Body Shop (found on etsy) is producing the creamiest lotions along with shower gels and hand soaps that smell just like the Beach Club Lobby. Heaven. Again, for a body product it is just the right amount of scent, but I continue to catch whiffs of it throughout the day.

1. The Sand

Did you know that the Stormalong Bay pool complex is one of the largest sand bottom pools in the world? It is really like a mini waterpark right at your resort. The pool is so popular and amazing that you have to scan your Magic Band to enter so that only resort guests can have this perk. But back to the sand . . . it isn’t your typical sand like you might find at a beach in Florida. This is a coarse sand that I understand comes from the deserts in the Western part of the United States. This sand works with the filtration systems of the pool and doesn’t float in the water making it murky, but settles on the bottom of the pool. It doesn’t stick to you like the beach sand I’m familiar with but you will have a few pieces stick to your feet and maybe get into your bathing suit. It is always fun to come back home and find Stormalong Bay sand that didn’t quite get rinsed out when I do the laundry.

Do you have any Beach Club gems to share?

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