Top 5 Awesome Things at the Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show

5. This is a live show with impressive driving skills and stunts that is only scheduled a couple of times a day so you want to see it arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the show time in order to get a good seat. Try to sit about 10 rows up for the best view. Allow 40 minutes for the actual show that at times moves a little slow, but for the most part worth the time if you are a car fan. There are trivia questions shown on the large screen while waiting for the show to start that helps pass the time. Guests are permitted to enjoy food or beverages while attending the show.

4. There is danger in the air! – The story is that the film crews are set up and you get to watch the scenes played out in the French village set. There are cars, motorcycles, stuntmen and lots of stage hands. The red car is the “Hero” car and the black cars are the pursuers. There is gunfire exchanged and a man that falls from the top of a building onto an airbag below. The cars sometimes fly through the air, on two wheels, or through flames. Just as a warning, there are guns and shooting at humans as part of the scenes that are being “shot” during the show. There is also a motorcycle rider that is on fire that may be frightening to young children so talk with your children about the stuntmen remaining safe in these controlled situations.

3. Learn everything you wanted to know about stunt cars – In between shots the crew explains how the scene was just shot and any special abilities the driver needed to successfully complete the scene. Explanations of how these scenes will later be added to the film are given. The cars are specifically designed to perform the tasks required for the show. There is little room inside the cars but the 14 drivers are in safety suits and helmets and the cars are built with roll cages. The Director shows graphics to breakdown the suit layers for the motorcyclist who is on fire. He also reveals some secret ways the cars were designed to look the same on the outside but two actually drive from opposite perspectives. The scenes where the car is seen driving very fast, in reverse, actually have a driver facing the back side of the car. These Opel cars have been modified just for this show and are powered by 150-horsepower motorcycle engines that have four gears in forward and four gears in reverse. They are lightweight at 1322 pounds.

2. A young guest from the audience gets to operate a full-size “remote control” car – Although it looks very much like the actors have turned over control of this very expensive car to the hands of a child with a joystick, there is more to this scene to be revealed. The stadium seating holds up to 4000 guests so being picked is completely random.

1. Lightning McQueen makes a personal appearance and takes part in a short chase scene. The other cars are pretty impressive performing a “ballet chase” which is really a high speed car chase with tricky maneuvers that will have you itching to be part of the magic.

Lights, Motors, Action originated in Disneyland Paris and was brought here to the Hollywood Studios in 2005. The Studios kept the French theme. Parts of the queue pass the maintenance garage for the 40 vehicles needed.

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There are restrooms located underneath the stadium seating. You will also find a large set of bathrooms just to the right of the attraction entrance. Drink vending machines are found halfway through the queue and underneath the seating areas. Prior to entering are a large kiosk area with cars-related merchandise, iced down bottles of water and other beverages, bags of popcorn and other pre-packaged snacks, antenna toppers and the like. Next to this is Herbies Drive In quick-service trailer that serves a limited menu of hot dogs, sausage on bun, S’mores dessert, beverages in collector cups that look like those famous orange cones from the Cars movies. You can even pick up an ice Coke with a shot of Bacardi or your choice of other alcohol in it. There is a pretzel wagon nearby on the Streets of America.


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