Top 20 Experiences at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Being a classic film and theatre buff, Disney’s Hollywood Studios has always been one of my favorite parks. As soon as you walk in, it’s like stepping onto a movie set, and I can’t help but expect to see John Wayne walking by (He’s busy over at the Great Movie Ride, though). With so much to see and do at this park, it could get overwhelming! So, to help you plan your day, here are my top twenty experiences at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

20. Disney Junior Live on Stage

Your little ones will love dancing along with their favorite Disney Junior characters during this fun stage show in Animation Courtyard!

19. Citizens of Hollywood

This troupe of talented actors performs in various places around the park and offers plenty of opportunities for audience participation!

18. For the First Time in Forever

A Frozen Sing-along Celebration – If you find that your kids just can’t let it go, feed their Frozen obsession with this fun sing-along with Anna, Elsa and Kristoff!

17. 50s Prime Time Cafe

The goal of this restaurant is to make you feel like you’re having a family dinner in the 1950s, and the staff takes their role very seriously. I remember being about eight years old and asking my mom if I really had to finish my green beans, after the waitress sternly told me I did. The food is great, and the staff is hilarious! Reservations are not required, but strongly recommended!

16. Pixar Place

Get your Toy Story fix in Pixar Place! Meet Buzz and Woody, and play Toy Story Mania, a 4D shooting gallery, carnival game!

15. Character Interaction

Keep your eyes peeled! Characters are hanging out everywhere! You can see Olaf at Celebrity Spotlight, Disney Junior Pals at Animation Courtyard, and even some of the original gang (Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, Goofy and more!) when they pop up all around the park!

14. Sci-fi Dine-In Dinner Theatre

Who wouldn’t want to have their meal at a table shaped like an old convertible, in a drive-in movie setup, while watching old sci-fi movies? You definitely want to make a reservation for this one!

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13. Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular

Find out how they film all of those daring stunts, as they take you behind the scenes of Indiana Jones! You might even have a chance to get in on the action!

12. Fantasmic

During this live show, Mickey’s dreams (and some nightmares) come to life, creating a good versus evil battle like you’ve never seen before! Get there early to get a good seat, but keep in mind that you might get wet, if you’re on the first few rows!

11. The Brown Derby

It doesn’t get much more Hollywood than the famous Brown Derby. Fun Fact: They actually have some of the celebrity caricatures that hung in the original Hollywood hotspot! Look for the ones with the gold frames! I’d recommend making a reservation in advance, so you won’t have to wait around.

10. Meet a Green Army Man

When I met one not long ago, he shook my hand, spun me around and DIPPED ME. These soldiers are hilarious, and obviously, very smooth. If you hang out in Pixar Place for long enough, you are sure to run into one!

9. Muppet*Vision 3D

This 3D show really is fun for the whole family. Who doesn’t want a front row seat for Muppet shenanigans? It’s also a cool, indoor attraction!

8. The Great Movie Ride

Jump into your favorite movies on this leisurely ride through cinematic history! Though I suppose things do get a bit less than leisurely when you meet some shady characters along the way…

7. Audrey Hepburn’s Hand Prints

Outside the replica of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, you will find Audrey Hepburn’s real handprints. As she was making the prints, she was moved to tears because no one had ever asked her to do that before. When the real Grauman’s tried to make up for their oversight, she declined, making DHS the only place to have that piece of her.

6. Voyage of the Little Mermaid

This live show will make you want to be a part of Ariel’s world! Using a clever combination of lighting and special effects, they actually make you feel like you’re under the sea! It’s also the perfect escape from the Orlando heat!

5. Beauty and the Beast

Even though this tale as old as time is condensed into a 25 minute show, they still hit all of the highest notes of this beloved classic! Get there early to get the best seat, or get a fast pass!

4. Star Wars

The force is strong at DHS. Fly through space with Star Tours, enroll your padawan in Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple, meet your favorite (and least favorite. Hello, Kylo.) Star Wars characters at Star Wars Launch Bay, and enjoy their new fireworks show, Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular! If you really want to do the latter right, sign up for the Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party.

3. Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster

Hold on to your hats (backpacks, cameras and other loose items), because things are about to get crazy. As if it’s not cool enough just to meet the guys of Aerosmith (Well, sort of.), they actually give you tickets to their show AND a super stretch limo to ride in! Sure the ride takes the turns pretty fast, but we’ve got a concert to get to, people!

2. Hug Chewbacca

I know we’ve already talked about all of the cool Star Wars things going on, but this had to have its own spot on the list. Make your childhood dreams come true at Star Wars Launch Bay, where your favorite Wookie waits with open (hairy) arms.

1. Tower of Terror

My top pick on the list coincidentally reaches at the highest point in the park, before plummeting to the depths of this haunted hotel and rudely leaving your stomach on the top floor. From the moment you get in line, they suck you into their creepy little world. Everything from the cobweb-covered decor to the shifty-eyed bellhops will have you wishing you had taken the stairs…

I hope this list helps you create the most magical trip yet! Happy planning… and may the force be with you.

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