Top 13 Tips for Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party

By Cassie

The Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is a Halloween-themed hard-ticket event from , 2015. The October 31 party is already sold out! It runs from 7PM to Midnight on select nights. The tickets start at $68.00 in September and increases the closer you get to Halloween night. You are given a plastic bag to collect candy in throughout the park. The characters that come out are some rare ones that you almost never see, and the classic characters dress up in their own “costumes”. There is a vast amount of entertainment, special lighting, special fireworks show, dance parties, and special collectible pins and shirts, with Halloween-themed treats too.

It is no secret to my family and friends that I love this hard-ticket event! I went last year for the first time. Although other friends had been telling me they flew to Walt Disney World, just to attend this party, I seriously doubted paying the additional amount just to replace some trick-or-treating could be worth it. I was so wrong. The candy collecting was fun, but the rest of the evening made it a real party. Here are some tips to help you if you are preparing to go.

13. Decide on your priority for what you wish to accomplish during the party hours. There is too much to get it all in during the party hours. I think that is the one flaw of the event that you miss many good aspects of it because of the time limit.It is still hot, so wear a costume that you will be comfortable in for the whole evening. There are some guidelines to follow for costumes at the Halloween Party: they cannot be “obstructive, offensive or violent”. Your eyes must be visible at all times.

12. Tickets are available first-come first-served and tend to sell out. Each guest can only purchase up to 8 tickets per event date. Tickets are nonrefundable or transferable. So pick a date and get your costumes together for some exciting fun at the Magic Kingdom!

11. Arrive early, although the party ticket says it begins at 7PM, which it does, you can gain admittance to the park around 4PM with your party ticket. Those who are in the Magic Kingdom as day guests, not party guests too, must leave the park before 7PM. The park is swept for those without party tickets. If you are visiting the Magic Kingdom as a day guest just visit one of the wrist-band stations placed throughout the park as 7PM approaches.

10. Get the map, plan your route. This is something you could do if you arrive early, maybe while you are eating you can devise your plan. These maps will show you where the entertainment is and when, what characters you can visit, where the Treat Trails are, and what other special merchandise or food and beverage options are being offered.

9. Since you are already in the park know where you want to be exactly when the party starts. Something else that is fun to do before the party begins is to visit Disney characters while you are in costume. Note: Disney has allowed entrance at 4PM for years, but they have the option to change that at any time. Getting in line ahead of time for a favorite character meet and greet may be what you choose to do prior to 7PM.

8. The Treat Trails change from year to year so you need to consult your map. A Treat Trail is where there are multiple Cast Members in a row that you can walk down and quickly fill up your Trick-or-Treat bag with candy. The Treat Trails also have a planned out route, including what direction you can go through them, so pay attention to those details on the party map. (Look online for scans of the maps to popup after the first party night. That can save you a lot of time, but keep in mind that Disney can change that at any time.) You can trade in your candy at Guest Relations if you would like to have gluten-free or peanut-free treats.

7. Eat dinner early, prior to the beginning of the party so you don’t wind up spending precious time during the party hours sitting around waiting on food. Then you will be free to enjoy some of that candy you are collecting and the special treats offered during the event.

6. Decide which characters you want to see. Do you want to visit with the unusual ones that are not out often, or the classic ones dressed in their “Halloween costumes”? Both are a lot of fun. Look for some female Villains in Princess Fairy Tale Hall! Disney has irritatingly left off the list of when and where specific characters were going to be for meet and greets from the party map. We are hoping this is changing so finding the characters you really want to see, and seeing as how you are spending so much money to be there to see them, that you should be given better information on their locations

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5. Do you want to walk on to any of your favorite attractions? This seems to be the lowest priority for most guests, so getting on rides happens pretty quickly. This year the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train joins the top lineup, along with Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Splash Mountain. There are many other attractions open in addition to these E-ticket rides. Visit Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean whose CM’s are in special makeup.

4. Join in the fun and Dance! There are multiple dance parties going on within the park that are fun to cut loose in. Look for one at the Tomorrowland stage, the Golden Horseshoe and Frontierland Way. Don’t forget the Villain’s Mixer in front of the Castle! In Frontierland you may stumble upon a quartet of dead cowboys who like to sing, like a barbershop quartet lovingly referred to as the “Cadaver Dans”.

3. Don’t miss the Boo-to-You” Halloween Parade! –The Headless Horseman starts things off riding in on his horse in the spooky darkness. He is followed by spooky fun in the form of floats, Disney characters, dancing grave diggers and other stars from the Haunted Mansion.  The other entertainment through the evening is the Happy HalloWishes which is the Halloween version of Wishes. The Disney Villains take over creating a spooky light show on the Castle, a remix of their theme songs, and then follow it up with the Villain’s Castle Show, and a mix-up down in front of the castle with party guests.

2. Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular

Disney has added a new event for this year called the Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular! It features the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus. They decide to run amuck, with the help of some of their villainous friends. The show takes place on the stage in front of Cinderella Castle, and features other favorite Disney baddies such as Maleficent, Dr. Facilier, and Oogie Boogie. Expect special effects and other surprises, as the villains try to cast a spell over the audience.

1. Make sure you thank the Cast Members handing out the candy. Many of them like to hear “Trick-or-Treat” and certainly “Thank you” is in order. Those barrels they need to reach down into can be hard on the back and grabbing fistfuls of candy leads to hands cramping sometimes. They want you to have a great time and have a bag full of candy so share some kindness, ok? Oh, and be sure to compliment the characters who are also wearing a Halloween costume!

You can go online to purchase tickets at: http://disneyworld.disney.go.com/events/mickeys-not-so-scary-halloween-party/purchase/


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Cassie L. I am a lifelong Disney fan. I attended Walt Disney World in 1971, and was there during the opening week of EPCOT, and have visited the Disney Parks for than 30 times. I have had the privilege of visiting Disneyland as a child, and then again with my children. My family recently moved from the northeastern United States to the Walt Disney World area. I now have cast members in my family and enjoy hearing the magical stories at the end of a shift. I love visiting all of the parks and getting to try more Disney food and being able to share it with you to help you plan your own magical day at Disney.