Top 11 Souvenirs or Gifts for Children at Epcot’s World Showcase

Top 11 Souvenirs or Gifts for Children at Epcot’s World Showcase

(All for under $10.00)

Let’s start in Mexico, the first country you come to if you turn left on the Promenade when facing World Showcase from Future World.  In Mexico we chose a straw hat, there are actually two styles that have been embroidered with bright colors and have colorful balls around the brim. Kids love to dress up and almost anything like this will transform them as their imaginations take over. If you purchase the wider brim hat it will also help to shade their eyes from the bright Florida sun. Both hats sell for just under $10.00 each.

In Norway we had a hard time finding anything below $10.00 that would be kid-friendly for any age.  We finally selected a small Viking doll, near the gnome dolls. He is a resin figure of a Viking holding his shield and horned helmet displaying a full head of hair and beard.  We did see another little statue for only $.50 more that we liked a lot; it has a Viking couple embracing.

Next we come to China.  You will find many Panda Bears throughout the China exhibit. During the Flower and Garden Festival they have a Panda Bear topiary family enjoying bamboo.  In the merchandise areas you will see pandas on just about everything, so we thought a Panda plush would be perfect for kids. This little Panda bear sells for less than $10.00.

Germany has a great toy store among its other wonderful shops. Unfortunately none of the items were under $10.00.  We found a German bell that hangs from a ring attached to an embroidered ribbon that is of German design.  It sells for less than $10.00.  It can be hung from a hook magnet on a metal door at home, or a metal refrigerator, which rings each time the door is opened. It makes a nice reminder of the German pavilion where you will hear bells ringing in the clock tower.

Italy, although there are many delicious chocolates that fall well under the price of $10.00, had only one item geared for kids that was under $10.00, a bracelet with an Italy flag and woven cords of green, white and red.  These bracelets actually exist in each country so if you have a kid, like mine, who loves to wear bracelets, this is good for both boys and girls.

I am so proud of my country and am filled with pride whenever visiting the American Adventure. There is some really great merchandise in the gift shop here. I like that entrepreneurs within the United States are given a great opportunity to sell items in this shop.  You can meet the author of a line of children’s books sold here. You can purchase products from wineries, farms, etc. throughout this shop. We found many worthy items for under $10.00 here.  The thing that I made a beeline to was the reproductions of the historical documents including the Constitution of the United States.  I remember my parents buying an item like this for me when I was in elementary school.  I can remember carefully unfolding the antiqued parchment paper and pouring over the signatures and carefully reading the entire document. You can pass this historical document onto your children for just $3.49. The back of the envelope adds some information surrounding the writing of this document. Don’t let them just experience it on the pages of some text book. More great gifts under $10.00:  Quiz Deck of Quotations from U.S. Presidents and a series of children’s biographies of great Americans.

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Japan has to be plush central with all the soft, cuddly creatures they have from Hello Kitty to Pokémon. The plush here are made out of some super soft grade of material not found elsewhere.  We found several small plush here below or at the $10.00 mark (and many above it!). We found Sonic the Hedgehog playing cards $7.50, Plush Pokémon Bubasaur key chain for $8.95 (these are also great for backpacks), in the back section of the Mitsukoshi Department Store in the Japan Pavilion is a large selection of cups, bowls, plates made specifically for kids that fall under the $10.00 mark (the Happy Bear plate in the photos is microwavable and dishwasher safe, made in Japan and only costs $5.25.); many packaged candies and snacks; for $4.95 you can choose from a large variety of beginner chopsticks specially designed for children.

Morocco! We immediately spotted a child playing with a wooden snake that was amazingly life-like in its movements.  It is only $7.75. Even the adults were surprised at how much it moved like a snake as their child held it.

How do you help a child remember their time in France? I believe my children would say getting to choose one thing from the large array of treats at the bakery Les Halles. It is priceless to watch your child’s face as they are offered this opportunity and they peer through the glass to see many French pastries, sandwiches, salads, and soups.  This was where my children first tasted chocolate mousse, crème Brulee, chocolate croissants, and so many items since that first trip.  We always have to visit this bakery on every trip to Epcot. Their favorite item here is the croissant sandwich, and then desserts follow that on some occasions.  Yes, the sandwich is that good and well below the $10.00 mark! If your child is not with you or you would just like something more permanent to remember the French pavilion there are small coin purses for only $5.95 or pencil bags for under $10.00.

Moving on around World Showcase we come to the United Kingdom. I believe United Kingdom comes in second after Japan for the number of prepackaged food items selection in a World Showcase country.  We chose a clear vinyl pouch with sides that look like a red double-decker bus you will see around London. It has an easy to use zipper closure and will hold quite a bit as it is not a flat case, but rather one that is a couple of inches deep. It only costs $5.95 so you would have some cash left to purchase something to put inside of it.

Canada is our last stop here on our trip around the World Showcase. There are several small plush items in the shop here. You can choose a Snowy Owl with a red Canadian maple leaf embroidered on one foot. It sells for $$7.95 and has a paper tag that says no child labor was used in making this item. You can purchase a small bear dressed up like a Canadian Mounty. While we were in the shop a young girl walked in and immediately was drawn to the Alaskan Husky plush saying “Awww I LOVE this dog Mommy!” and yes, it is under the $10.00 mark. They are very soft, cute and cuddly.

So there you have some gift suggestions for under $10.00 with children in mind that can be a souvenir choice or a gift for someone special back home. I hope that you have enjoyed reading this and please feel free to share your own ides here, we would love to hear them!

Please don’t forget to include some of the entertainment provided in each country to have your child experience that country more fully.  I find the actors, drummers, fife and drum corps, bands, balancing acts, acrobats, musicians, artists, etc.  adding so much to our whole Disney experience, and it is included in the price of the admission.

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