Top 10 Walt Disney World Parks Cast Member Costumes

Disney Cast Member costumes fascinate me. I love going on the Backstage Tour just to get a glimpse of the work area where show costumes are created and maintained. We are told they have made up to 2 million pieces of the 2500 designs. On almost any day the orders for new ones top 300. The pieces are cut by machine but some have a large amount of pieces to keep together. The majority of the Cast Member costumes are done through outsourcing. There are about 75 costumers who produce the show costumes between the hours of 3AM and midnight. Some work elsewhere. There is no argument that the Disney costumes require countless hours to create and maintain. I found the majority of my favorites were in Magic Kingdom, probably because it has so many more attractions than the other parks. I hope that you enjoy this!

10. Splash Mountain, Frontierland

While Frontierland costumes are very similar the shirts are a little different and they have different materials for the hats and I think they are all great. I like the Splash Mountain ones the best though. The girls’ shirts are different from the boys’ and they wear the same style of pants or shorts. Splash Mountain wears Straw Hats and Big Thunder Mountain wear brown felt hats and they both look great. CM’s at Tom Sawyer’s Island and Country Bear Jamboree have very similar costumes. Although the CM’s that come out for the Hoe Down wear the same costumes, they are not regular CM’s singing; they are performers wearing various Frontierland costumes.

9. Guest Relations, Epcot

All of the Guest Relations CM’s look so well-groomed and professional but I like the ones at Epcot the most with the plaid vests and the navy skirts/pants. The outfit is completed with crisp white shirts and blue ties and a friendly smile.

8. Tomorrowland Speedway, Magic Kingdom

I just like the style and colors of this costume that is unisex in design and look good on both the men and women working that very busy attraction.

7. Mission: Space, Epcot

This is another unisex design that looks great on both men and women. This costume has a split color block design with an aqua blue to the outside of the body, joined to a lighter blue with a red piping detail. There are exposed zipper pockets, red cap sleeves over navy blue shirt sleeves and they just look futuristic and appropriate to this attraction.

6. Hall of Presidents, Magic Kingdom

I love the Colonial America costumes for this attraction, and several spots within Liberty Square. The men wear red pants buttoned at the knee, white socks, and red vests, white shirts with jabot and ruffled cuffs, and rose colored colonial jackets with red trim. The women wear a long split dress with a red, rose, cream, and green colonial striped and floral print skirt, sleeves, and bodice over a cream dress base. The ladies also wear a white gathered colonial cap. These are just so fitting to an attraction with such historical significance.

5. Wilderness Explorers Guides, Animal Kingdom

I was trying to decide between Kilimanjaro Safaris, and Jungle Cruise, both of which I really like when I remembered this fairly new costume for the Wilderness Explorers Guides who maintain the game of the same name in Animal Kingdom. These costumes are drawn from the movie UP where we are introduced to the Wilderness Explorers. Students would don these uniforms and seek to learn wilderness knowledge and skills and while doing that they earned special badges, which are shown on the strap of their official WE messenger bags in which they would carry their WE manuals. They wear a camping shirt that bears an embroidered patch on the shoulder and is completed with an orange tie held together with an official WE badge. Brown shorts or pants, a belt, and hiking boots are also part of the uniform. Disney brought this costume to life with the Guides who now help anyone wanting to learn more about nature.

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4. Pirates of the Caribbean, Magic Kingdom

Women wear a cream colored puffy sleeved shirt, a dark pink velvety, buttoned vest, black pirate belt, dusty rose short pants with red and orange striped socks and black shoes. The men wear a purple puffy sleeve shirt, the same vest color as the women, no belt showing, and the same pants, socks and shoes as the women. They have the option of carrying a plastic sword. I wish I had a photo of one of them in their winter coats because they are really interesting. These colors and fabrics don’t seem like ones you would put together, but that is sort of the point. Pirates aren’t all that worried about what they look like, but these all seem to work together. I think they could use a nice pirate-y hat though.

3. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Hollywood Studios

The typical TOT CM costume consists of dark pants a dark red tailored shirt with a stand up collar, button tabs on the shoulders and yellow and red accent stripes on the sides of the pants and around the ends of the sleeves. A round dark red hat with black and yellow stripes adorns their heads and often they have a very grim look on their faces as they play their parts. They have really nice tailored dark red coats with gold button accents, double breasted closure and the yellow accent stripes on the sleeves. These are fairly long. These costumes reflect the best and exactly what you would expect to find at the Hollywood Tower Hotel back in the 1920’s or 30’s.

2. Haunted Mansion, Magic Kingdom

The ladies here wear a dark green full length skirt with a ruffled apron made of dark green and black striped material. The Victorian blouses are made of the same striped material and they are ordained with a lace collar and lacey ruffled edge on the sleeve ends. They wear a white cap on the top of their head with a black bow on top. If it is cold they wear dark green short jackets with black velvet collars. The men wear dark green long pants, a dark green waist coat with tails and black velvet collar, blue vest, white shirt with black tie.

1. All the Cast Costumes in World Showcase, Epcot

I could not possibly pick one of these over the other, so it only makes sense to count them as one group. The costumes are so country-specific that I just choose all of the costumes in World Showcase as the number one choice! Check out the photos below of the ones that made the list and some that were really close.

What are your favorite Cast Member costumes? I also want to thank all the Cast Members who were willing to pose for me in their costumes.



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