Top 10 Tips For Doing Walt Disney World Solo

Some might think visiting Walt Disney World solo would be boring or lonely, but that doesn’t have to be the case at all! Whether you’re tackling Disney World completely on your own, or just splitting up from your party for a while, here are 10 tips for doing Walt Disney World Solo.

10. Tours

Disney offers amazing tours and a solo trip is the perfect time to take advantage of one or even a couple of the tours. Some tours carry a hefty price tag, but if you only have to buy one ticket, that makes it more affordable. There are tours that appeal to the adventurous, such as the Wild Africa Trek. Or if you’re interested in seeing backstage, you could go on the Backstage Tales Tour at Animal Kingdom, or The Undiscovered Future World tour. The tours are informative, fun and social experiences.

9. Go at Your Own Pace

Whether you’re a rush to the next attraction person, or take the long route and stop for an ice cream sundae kind of person, when you’re tackling Disney World alone, you can set your own pace. You can set your own schedule, and then not even stick to it. So be flexible and go at the pace that is most enjoyable for you.

8. Meet New People

Just because you’re doing Disney alone, doesn’t mean it can’t be a social trip. Take this opportunity to meet new people, to interact with the Disney community if that appeals to you. Tours are a great way to meet new people. Waiting in the queue is also a great place to talk to people and pass the time pleasantly. Find out where people are from, if this is their first visit, or their 50th visit. Some restaurants also make it easy to be social, like Teppan Edo where you are seated at one large table with another party or two. You know you already have a love for Disney in common with the people around you, so it’s easy to strike up a conversation!

7. Disney Springs

Explore Disney Springs on your own. This is a place where it’s great to be able to go at your own pace. You can spend as much time as you want browsing each room at The World of Disney, or you can totally bypass it for some of the newer shopping spots that have opened in Disney Springs. Or perhaps shopping isn’t your idea of fun, and you’d rather hang out at Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar. Disney Springs has so much offer, and new things to see and do that it’s the perfect place for a solo visitor.

6. Character Meet and Greets

Is there someone you’ve always wanted to meet but your family or friends haven’t wanted to wait in line or use a FastPass+ on a meet and greet? A solo trip is great for meeting characters. Character dining experiences are also fun when you’re on your own. The idea of dining alone can be a little scary for some people, but a character dining experience can be entertaining and give you something to look forward to at your meal besides your food. Don’t be embarrassed or feel silly meeting characters and getting your photo taken, Disney does their very best to make each and every experience enjoyable and magical for their guests whether you’re with a party of many or your party is just you!

5. Explore

Chances are if you’re visiting Disney World alone, you’ve been before. Visiting Disney World on your own is a good time to do a little exploring, find something new to do. Maybe you’ve never really explored all the nooks and crannies on Tom Sawyer Island, or the trails at Animal Kingdom. There is also a lot of exploring to be done at the resorts. Why not do some resort hopping and check out the grounds at Wilderness Lodge or Animal Kingdom Lodge? You can follow the paths and trails that interest you, and nothing more or less. You never know what you might find that you can share with your family and friends when you return with them to Disney on your next trip.

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4. Be Prepared

Pack a small bag with the things you’ll need for your day at the parks, and double check, or make a list of what you’ll need since you can’t rely on someone else having something you may need in their bag. It’s also a good idea to bring an external battery charger for your phone. Sometimes people spend more time on their phones when they are alone, either taking more pictures, or sharing more often on social media than they might if they were visiting with someone else.

3. Eat Where You Want

Is there a restaurant you’ve always wanted to try but you’ve never had the chance when travelling with your family? Now is the time to branch out and try that place that is on your bucket list. Or perhaps you like the idea of just snacking all day and skipping the table service meals. Only want to have to dessert? Go ahead, no one is going to tell you not to! A solo trip is the perfect opportunity to eat when and where you want without having to appease anyone else.

2. Single Rider Lines

Four very popular attractions at Disney World offer single rider lines which move along very quickly. Test Track, Expedition Everest, Rock N’ Roller Coaster, and Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run offer single rider lines. If you’re doing Disney alone, take advantage of these lines, especially if you are a fan of riding these attractions multiple times in a row. It will save you time, and you can use your FastPass+ selections on other rides that don’t offer single rider lines.

1. Have Your Perfect Day

Everyone has their own idea of what makes a perfect day at Disney World. Whether it’s spending the whole day at Magic Kingdom, park hopping, riding Everest as many times as you can, always moving onto the next thing, or taking your time, whatever it is that makes a day perfect for you at the parks, a solo trip is the time to do it! Enjoy being at the happiest place on earth doing whatever it is you love.

Have you visited Disney World on your own? What are some of the things you enjoyed about your solo trip?

About Lauren Repei

Lauren lives in Hamilton Ontario, but dreams of one day moving to Orlando to be closer to the Magic Kingdom. She loves the atmosphere, the history, the magic of the parks and Dole Whips, so she’s always in the midst of planning her next vacation. In the meantime, she spends her days working for the family business as a baker, and as a travel agent specializing in Disney with ClicktheMouse. Lauren’s most memorable Disney moment by far, is when she became engaged in front of Cinderella Castle making it her best Disney vacation to date.